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Plenary Sessions

A Helpful Framework for Improving Gender Diversity in Engineering (a.k.a. the Four Frames) Slides
Beth Holloway
Managing Culture, the Business Case for Change, and Improving Engagement in Change Initiatives Handout
Jeff Barth
Advancing Culture in Engineering (ACE) Initiative & Institutional Leader Panel Discussion on Culture Change Slides
Mary Juhas, Michele Wheatly, Ruth Dyer, Thomas Peterson


Tools for Change in STEM Proposal
Joan C. Williams
Equitable Solutions for Retaining a Robust STEM Workforce: Beyond Best Practices Proposal Handout
Donna J. Dean, Cynthia Simpson
Developing a Research-Based Action Plan for Your Work With Girls and Women in Engineering Proposal Handout
Julie P Martin, Tricia Berry
Empowering women and allies and challenging biased cultural “norms” through Academic Coaching Proposal Slides
Jennifer Groh, Suzanne Zurn-Birkhimer
Changing the Culture: Micro-aggressions and Micro-affirmations Proposal Slides Handout
Kaitlyn J Bunker, Raven R Rebb, Laura E Brown, Leonard J Bohmann, Nilufer Onder, Gretchen L Hein
An Innovative Approach to Addressing Inclusive Language on Campus Proposal Slides
Paige Smith, Amy Martin
Blueprints for success: Structuring institutional support for mentor networks Proposal Handout Slides
Marie Garland, Stephanie Goodwin, Sharon Alestalo
Creating a Culture of “Disruptive Innovation” Calls for Women Proposal
Bonita Banducci, Felicia Mayo
Academic Success and Professional Development: Leveling the Playing Ground Proposal
Mary Anderson-Rowland, Armando A. Rodriguez
What Are You Asking Me to Do?!: A “Speed-Networking” Session to Develop a Shared Vision and Actions for How Corporations and Universities can Work Together on Culture Change Slides Handout
Tricia Berry, Beverly Louie
Engaging Outreach: Three Examples Proposal Slides 1 Slides 2 Slides 3
Tricia Berry, Rita Karl, Pinfan Lee, Yuwen Yang, Anny Tseng, Gabriela A. Gonzalez, Maria Reyes
The StratEGIC Toolkit: Strategies for Effecting Gender Equity and Institutional Change Proposal Slides
Sandra Laursen, Ann E. Austin

Panel Presentation

Beyond “Fixing” the Women: Using Lessons Learned from ENGAGE ( to Discuss the Four Frames and Implications for the Future of WIE Programs Proposal
Susan Staffin Metz, Patricia Campbell, PhD, Beth Holloway
Conversations on Leadership-- Lessons from ELATE at Drexel Proposal
Diane Magrane, Keri Hornbuckle, Diana Marculescu, Janice Naegele
ADVANCE Approaches to Changing Academic Culture: Educating Allies About Implicit Bias Proposal Slides 1 Slides 2 Slides 3
Jennifer Sheridan, Canan Bilen-Green, Gretal Leibnitz
Corporate Service Corps Creating an ‘Inclusion for Everyone’ Environment Proposal Slides
Dan Gateno, Jessica Eidem
NSF ADVANCE Programs: Leveling the Playing Field for Women Faculty Proposal Slides
Peggy Layne, Jenna Carpenter, Autumn Reed, Marci Levine
Policies for Leveling the Playing Field Proposal
Canan Bilen-Green, Karen Froelich, Susan Carlson, Sandra Hollbrook
Does Gender Equity Make a Difference in Stemming the Tide? A Comparative Analysis of Female and Male Engineers' Intentions to Leave Proposal
Nadya A Fouad, Romila Singh
How to Actively Manage Culture in your Organization
Jose Garcia, Sheila Edwards Lange

Hi-Fives for Change Talks

Engaging Engineering Freshman in Valuing Diversity Proposal Slides
Jenna Price Carpenter
The BOLD Center’s Tutoring Model to Drive Inclusion Proposal Slides
Jonathan Tebbe, Beverly Louie
Leveling the Playing Field for Promotion to Professor Proposal Slides
Peggy Layne
Building Partnerships and Processes to Support Dual Career Hiring Proposal Presentation
Jennifer Heckscher
Understanding STEM from a Global Perspective Proposal Slides
Janice Rae Crow, Allie Rowe
Cornerstones of Leadership Program Evaluation-- the ELATE Experience Proposal Slides
Diane Magrane, Brenda Seals, Susan Ambrose, Sharon Dannels, Nily Dan
Partnering with librarians – cultural change through an untapped resource Proposal Slides
Jennifer Groh, Melissa Dragoo
Access Engineering: Re-visioning summer opportunities for pre-college outreach Proposal Slides
Jennifer Groh, Rebecca Scott
Men as Advocates in the Quest for Gender Parity in the Technical Workplace Proposal Slides
Tim Faiella
WiSE Choices in Diversifying Faculty Searches Proposal Slides
Leana Golubchik, Sarah Fried-Gintis
Pre-College Model for Engaging URM Girls in STEM Proposal Slides
Gabriela A. Gonzalez
Leading From Where You Are Slides
Marca Lam
University students’ gendered attitudes towards equity in higher education Proposal Slides
Jenna O Rapai
The Role of Nucor in Changing Engineering Culture Slides
Jose Garcia


Women in Engineering and Science Luncheons Proposal Poster
Jenna Price Carpenter, Terri Murray
Undergraduate Peer-Mentoring for Women: Effects on Retention and Graduation in STEM Proposal
Sana Ahmed, Veronica I. Arreola
Leadership Development for Women in Engineering Proposal Poster Handout 1 Handout 2 Handout 3 Handout 4 Handout 5 Handout 6 Handout 7
Michelle Somerday
Technovation: Empowering Women and Girls through Technology and Entrepreneurship Proposal
Jenna Blanton, Maggie Jaris, Samantha Quist
ELATE at Drexel--Drawing the Pipeline of Talent Upward Proposal
Diane Magrane, Kerry Hornbuckle, Diana Marculescu, Janice Naegele
A Successful Living and Learning Community at the University of Maryland Proposal Poster
Candice L. Staples, Paige E. Smith
Programs for Advancing Women Faculty Proposal Poster
Canan Bilen-Green, Elizabeth Birmingham, Karen Froelich, Sandra Holbrook
Moving between Technical and Management Roles Proposal Slides
Jessica Eidem, Dan Gateno
Developing Revolutionary Engineers and Mentors Proposal
Bria Barry

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