Presentations and Authors

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Corporate Environment Focusing on Inclusive Policies for Women in STEM PDF
Lee Ann Schwope
Community College Pathways to Engineering for Women: A Challenge to Gender Stereotypes? PDF PDF
Lois Joy, Lisa Marco-Bujosa
Gender-focused policy analysis for STEM faculty at regional teaching-focused institutions PDF PDF
Heather Kanenberg, Sara Atwood


ADVANCEing Faculty Program: Creating a Culture of Success for Women in STEM at Louisiana Tech University
Jenna Price Carpenter
National Girls Collaborative Project: Building the Capacity of STEM Practitioners to Develop a Diverse Workforce PDF
Amy Elizabeth Foster, Tricia Berry
Corporate Service Corps - Creating an Inclusion for Everyone Environment
Dan Gateno, Jessica Eidem
Including women with disabilities in engineering PDF PDF PDF
Brianna Blaser, Robert Todd, Carol Frieze
NCWIT Resources for Increased Female and Minority Participation PDF
Adriane Bradberry
AccessComputing: The Alliance for Access to Computing Careers
Brianna Blaser
Who Will Sit at the STEM “Welcome Table”?: Food for Thought (and for the Table)
Arthur C. Jones
What Are You Asking Me to Do?! A “speed-networking” session to develop a shared vision and actions for how corporations and universities can work together to improve the diversity in engineering. PDF
Tricia Berry, Bev Louie
Equipping Women STEM Faculty for Success: Professional Development Lessons from an NSF ADVANCE Project PDF
Jenna Price Carpenter
Gender Bias and Professional Societies PDF PDF
Joan Marie Herbers, Erin L Cadwalader, Alice B Popejoy, Phoebe S Leboy
Developing and Implementing a Women in Engineering Program Focused on Outreach and Retention PDF PDF
Selyna Beverly, Cordelia Ontiveros
Male and Female Summer Interns in Engineering Interns from 2007-2012: College and University Sites PDF PDF PDF
Cathy W. Hall, Kimberly M. Brush, Thomas E. Pinelli
Activating Advocates and Allies for Gender Equity: Engaging with Male Colleagues PDF PDF
Canan Bilen-Green, Cali Anicha, Ann Burnett, Christi McGeorge
Recruitment, Retention, and Advancement of Women Faculty PDF PDF
Canan Bilen-Green, Elizabeth Birmingham, Sandra Holbrook, Craig Schnell
Mo-Yin Tam, Manorama M Khare
Women in Technology Sharing Online (WitsOn): Assessing Usage, Satisfaction, and Outcomes from an E-Mentoring Course PDF PDF
Julia Nelson Savoy
Does Gender Moderate the Effects of Learning Experiences on Engineering-Related Self-Efficacy? PDF PDF
Lisa Y Flores, Hang Shim Lee, Laura L Luna, Rachel L Navarro
Promoting Women’s Leadership with Same-Sex Programs for Women in STEM: A Case Study from Douglass Residential College at Rutgers University PDF
Elaine Zundl


Graduates Linked with Undergraduates in Engineering (GLUE) PDF
Ana Maria Dison
Moving between Technical and Management roles
Jessica Eidem, Dan Gateno
Helping women thrive through engineering living and learning communities
Paige E. Smith
Importance of Mentoring Relationships Workshop PDF
Donna Dean
Digging Deeply: Using Qualitative Group Interview Techniques to Enhance Your Diversification Efforts PDF
Beverly Louie, Jackie Sullivan
ELATE at Drexel: providing the missing ingredient of Leadership in STEM advancement PDF PDF
Diane Magrane, Nily Dan, Linda Franzoni, Kold Kokoni
Innovation in the age of smart PDF PDF
Janine Gerber, Marisa Viveros, Lindsay Curtis
A Program Guide to Social Media PDF PDF
Liv Detrick, Renetta Garrison Tull, Sara Xayarath Hernández, Melanie Harrison
A Rising Tide: Advancing Women STEM Faculty at the University of Maine
Shannon K McCoy, Susan K Gardner, Amy Blackstone
Are we there yet? Increasing Student Persistence and Retention in STEM PDF
Laura E Brown, Leonard J Bohmann, Tricia Berry, Lynne Molter, Elizabeth Litzler
Engaging Men: Partnering to Increase Organizational Diversity
Alix Hughes, Colin Bodell, Beth Holloway, Klod Kokini, Wendy DuBow
Pre-Conference Workshop: Working inside a BIGGER box: using connection and creativity to inspire future engineers
Shawna Fletcher
Pre-Conference Workshop: Gender Competence: A New Model for Men and Women to Work Effectively with Differences and Create a Culture of Inclusion
Bonita Banducci
Women in National Labs Panel
Mary Juhas, Wendy R Cieslak, Monya Lane, Deanna J Idar, Allison Campbell
A First Year Experience Discovery Course for Women in Engineering Technology PDF
Elizabeth M. Dell, Jeanne Christman, Sandra Murphy
Potential Strategies for Persistence: How Minority Engineering Undergraduates Navigate Challenges PDF PDF
Elizabeth Litzler, Cate Samuelson
Special Assignments: Grass Roots Career Development PDF PDF
Emily E Gallagher
The Necessity of Graduate Student Groups for Women in STEM PDF PDF
Josa A Hanzlik, Chetana Sunkari, Julianne Winters, Jaimie Dougherty
A Focus Group Evaluation of First-Year Students From Metropolitan Community Colleges PDF
Mary Ruth Anderson-Rowland, Armando A. Rodriguez, Lenay D Dunn, Stefanie L Leite


Trajectories of Women’s STEM Identity after participating in a Single-Sex Informal Education Program PDF PDF
Roxanne M Hughes
Technovation Challenge: Using App Design to Hook High School Girls
Jenna Blanton
How Engineering, Computing, and Industry Can Benefit from Collaboration PDF
Susan S Metz, Adriane Bradberry, Carolyn Vallas, Elizabeth Litzler
Role Models Matter Workshop PDF
Roshni Kasad, Jen Joyce
Attracting Young Women to Engineering: Girls Go Techbridge and Girl Scout council partner to change lives PDF
Megan Davis
Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day PDF PDF
Thea Sahr, Tricia Berry, Randy Freedman
The Future City Competition – An Effective Middle School Outreach Program PDF
Thea Sahr, Tony Rizzo, Kathryn Bedette
NCWIT Pacesetters Accelerating The Pace of Change PDF
Jacinda Chislum, Maureen Biggers, Elizabeth Litzler
A Unique Co-curricular Partnership: The Douglass Engineering Living-Learning Community Inspires Women with the Best of Both Worlds PDF
Elaine Zundl, Laura Stiltz, Ellen Lieberman, Candiece White
Let Them See...Math is For Girls! PDF
Maru Colbert
Leveraging free data mining tools to effectively measure and increase the recruitment & retention of underrepresented engineering students PDF
Jane Langeman, Amy Freeman
The WEPAN Knowledge Center – part deux
Jane Langeman
Parental influences on attitudes toward physical sciences and pre-engineering: Impact of gender, ethnicity, parent occupation and socioeconomic status PDF
Susannah Sandrin, Katherine Short-Meyerson
Engage Everyone: Strategies to Increase Participation of Under-represented Groups in Science and Engineering PDF
Maria Klawe
Improving the match between early college students and company internships or research experiences for undergraduates PDF
Sharnnia Artis, Sara Xayarath Hernandez, Linda Snow-Solum, Isaura Gaeta
Attracting Middle School Girls to STEM with Outreach Programs PDF PDF
Josa A Hanzlik, Cheryl A Hanzlik, Alisa Morss Clyne
Friending your Future: using social media to connect with engineering students PDF PDF
Holly Longman
Attracting Future Engineers: Best Practices from K-12 Counselor Professional Development, 2008-2012 PDF PDF
Meagan Pollock
When Transfer Students Choose Engineering Majors and Why PDF
Mary Ruth Anderson-Rowland
Making Change and Second Generation Gender Bias PDF
Patricia Deyton
Men's Critical Role in Advancing Gender Equity: A Model Initiative for Inclusion PDF
Canan Bilen-Green, Roger Green