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Paper Session

Leveraging Social Network Data to Support Faculty Mentoring: Best Practices from NJIT ADVANCE PDF PPT PDF
Nancy L Steffen-Fluhr, Regina Collins, Katia Passerini, Brook Wu, Anatoliy Gruzd, Mingzhu Zhu, Roxanne Hiltz
Effecting Institutional Transformation to Improve Climate for Women STEM Faculty: the UIC NSF ADVANCE IT Experience PDF
Mo-Yin Tam, Manorama Khare, Jana Wichelecki
Enhancing Research & Publication Success by Cultivating your Mentoring Network PDF PPT PDF
Melissa McDaniels
Peer Mentoring: A New and Intentional Look at an Old Favorite PDF
Susan C Martin
A Model Healthcare and Engineering Outreach Program for Middle School Students PDF PPT PDF Handout PDF
Maria Julia Wiener, Ann Rundell, Jennifer L Groh
The Strategic Oversight Committee: A Best Practice for Faculty Hiring and Diversity PDF PPT PDF
Klod Kokini
Diversity Catalysts: Educating the STEM Community PDF PPT PDF
Klod Kokini, Patrice M. Buzzanell, Clint C.S. Chapple, Andrew S. Hirsch, Kathleen Howell
Technovation Challenge: Recruiting and Retaining Girls’ Interest in Computer Science Through App Inventing PDF PPT PDF
Jeri Countryman, Dara Olmsted
Reducing the Bottleneck….Breaking the Bottle! Addressing the Recruitment of Postdocs through Best Practices of AGEP and ADVANCE Horizons Programs PDF PPT PDF
Autumn M Reed, Renetta G Tull
An Investigation of Engineering Students’ Achievement Goal Orientations in Relation to Gender, Academic Level, Grades, Self-efficacy, and Desire to Pursue a Career in Engineering PDF PPT PDF
Kathleen Casto, Olga Pierrakos, Robin Anderson, Heather Watson
Searching for Excellence: Effective and Efficient Search Practices PDF PPT PDF Brochure PDF Cognitive Errors Card PDF
Canan Bilen-Green, Karen A. Froelich, Sandra Holbrook
Learning from Leavers and Stayers: Survey Assessment Findings to Enhance Women’s Retention in Engineering PDF PPT PDF
Beverly Louie, Daniel Knight, Jordan Hornback
Cross-Sector and Interdisciplinary Research Collaborations as Paths for Career Success for Women in Academic Science and Engineering PDF PPT PDF
Marie Garland, Sharon W. Alestalo, Shobha K. Bhatia
Women STEM Faculty at Ohio State: Resource Allocation and Department Climate PDF PPT PDF
Joan Marie Herbers, Anand Desai
A Women in Engineering Seminar Course for First-Year Engineering Students PDF PPT PDF
Jennifer L. Groh, Beth M. Holloway
Implementation of a Group Mentoring Program for Undergraduate Women in Engineering PDF PPT PDF
Jennifer Groh
Engineering Global Solutions to Water Scarcity: A Model Outreach Program for Middle School Students PDF PPT PDF
Rebecca A Logsdon, Kasey M Faust, M Julia Wiener, Jennifer L Groh
The "NASA Learning Experience for Elementary School Girls" – Offering Professional Development that Incorporates an Advocacy Model for for K-12 Educators PDF PPT PDF
Lily G. Gossage, Kim P. Vu, Panadda Marayong
From Advancing Women in Science and Engineering to Advancing Diversity at Virginia Tech PDF PPT PDF
Peggy Layne
Welding bird feeders: a comprehensive community service mini-project for 8th grade students. PDF PPT PDF
Shawna Fletcher, Jennifer Conrad, Kimberly Rygielski, Gretchen White, Elizabeth Thomas, PhD, Christopher Lowe
Institutional Transformation: Changing Ideas to Change Behavior, or Changing Behavior to Change Ideas? PDF PPT PDF
Karen Froelich, Canan Bilen-Green
Intersectionality as a Framework for Understanding Diverse Young Women’s Interest in Engineering PDF
Monica Jean Bruning, Jill Bystydzienski, Margaret Eisenhart
A Focus Group Evaluation of an Academic Success Program and Support System for Transfer Students PDF
Mary Ruth Anderson-Rowland, Armando A. Rodriguez, Lenay D. Dunn, Stefanie L. Leite
Compositional Effects on the Persistence of Women Engineering and Computer Science Undergraduates PDF PPT PDF
Kaitlyn J Bunker, Raven R Rebb, Laura E Brown, Nilufer Onder, Gretchen L Hein, Leonard J Bohmann
Growing the Representation of Women in Leadership: A Business Imperative - IBM Microelectronics’ PowerUp Initiative PDF PPT PDF
Scott R. McClure, Denise Puisto
Institutions Developing Excellence in Academic Leadership: Regional Cooperation, Regional Progress PDF PPT PDF
Diana Bilimoria, Lynn Singer, Amanda Shaffer
Opting into Leadership: Finding a parsimonious model PDF
Heidi Grappendorf, Mary Wyer
Using outreach programs to increase interest in computing majors PDF PPT PDF
Alka Harriger, Weiwei Cao
Organisational culture and successful women leadership in Science, Engineering and Technology PDF PPT PDF
Felizitas Sagebiel, Victoria Showunmi

Panel and Speaker Presentation

A Dialogical Change Process for Strategic Planning to Diversify Academic Departments PDF
Jim Nolan, Jennifer Kasi Jackson, Melissa Latimer, Leslie Tower, Awilda Borres
Moving between Technical and Management roles PPT PDF
Jessica Eidem, Dan Gateno
Assessing K-12 Outreach Activities Panel Session CYR Notes PDF PPT PDF
Elizabeth M. Dell, Tricia Berry, Barbara Bogue, Martha Cyr, Cindy Waters
Women in Engineering Program Assessment from A to Z PPT PDF
Karen Zunkel, Carol Heaverlo
A Systems Approach to Drive Engineering Inclusion PPT PDF
Jacquelyn Sullivan, Beverly Louie
Building Academic and Corporate Partnerships to Increase Diversity in Engineering Hernandez PPT PDF Walter PPT PDF
Aileen Walter, J. Adin Mann, Lenell Allen, David Siegfried, Sara Xayarath Hernandez
The Practicalities of Putting Research into Practice: Evidence from the Project to Assess Climate in Engineering PPT PDF
Elizabeth Litzler, Laura Bottomley, Paige Smith
Synergy on campus: ADVANCE, WIE/WISE and the Research Agenda Layne PPT PDF
Sheila Edwards Lange, Peggy Layne, Jennifer Sheridan
Are We Willing to Change STEM Educational and Professional Systems to Value Diversity?
Karan L. Watson
Celebrating NSF Leadership in Advancing Women in Science and Engineering
Jolene K. Jesse, Amy A. Rogers, Jan Rinehart, Sharon L. Brogdon, Sheila Edwards Lange
Gender Diversity, Institutional Culture, and NSF's Engineering Research Centers
Theresa A. Maldonado, Brooke Coley
What Plans do Leaders on President Obama’s Jobs Council Have for Advancing Gender Diversity in Engineering as They Graduate and Employ More Engineers?
Leah H. Jamieson, Gary S. May, Sharon L. Brogdon, Gayle J. Gibson
How to Position Your WIE Activities to Support ABET Program Accreditation PPT PDF
Karan L. Watson, Joseph L. Sussman, Jenna Price Carpenter
Talk to Me and Engage: Improving Faculty Student Interaction from Both Sides of the Lectern PPT PDF Action Plan Handout PDF Taking Action 1 Handout PDF Taking Action 1 Handout PDF Mini Grant App PDF ENGAGE Prism PDF
Diane Matt, Susan Staffin Metz, Beverly Louie, Brenda Hart
Singing in Harmony: Corporate Diversity Programs and Women in Engineering Initiatives--Opportunities for Collaboration
Nicole L. Cavanagh, Alix M. Hughes, Rane Johnson-Stempson, Sara Xayarath Hernandez, Klod Kokini
The Yin and Yang of Sponsorship and Fundraising Overview PDF
Christy Honigman, Wayne Robinson, Tim Carson, Beth Holloway, Laura Bistreck
ADVANCE-ENG Girls to Women: An Innovative Engineering Faculty-Student Mentoring Summit for Underrepresented Minority (URM) Girls and their Mothers
Christine Grant, Tuere Bowles, Pamela Martin
NSF ADVANCE Peer Mentoring Summits for Underrepresented Minority Women Engineering Faculty
Christine S. Grant, Jessica DeCuir-Gunby, Tonya Peeples, Julie S. Ivy


ADVANCing Women and STEM Faculty Members through Strategic Career Planning (ADVANCing) PDF
Melissa Latimer, Jennifer Kasi Jackson, Katie Stores
Applying Research and Theory to Your Outreach, Recruitment and Retention Activities For Girls and Women in Engineering PPT PDF
Julie P Martin
Negotiation Basics and Tips from the Trenches PPT PDF References PDF Handout PDF
Jenna Price Carpenter, Dr. B.A. Watford, Cindy Pederson, Linda Snow-Slolum, Laura Bottomley
Making Research Results Useful and Usable: A Workshop/Conversation For All PPT PDF
Patricia B Campbell, Kimberly Douglas-Mankin, Susan Metz, Amy Rogers
Building a New Bridge for Research and Practice to Advance Gender Equity PPT PDF Wkshp Notes PDF
Claudia Morrell, Mimi Lufkin, Corinne Alfeld
A Toolkit for Defining and Achieving Work/Life Satisfaction for Women in STEM Handout PDF
Joan Herbers, Cynthia Simpson
Workshop: From Research to Practice and Back Again PPT PDF Handout PDF
Elizabeth Cady, Barbara Bogue, Betty Shanahan, Jennifer Scott, Jacquelyn Sullivan, Beverly Louie
Stemming Corporate and Academic Tides: Climate and Cultural Impacts and Promising Practices for Recruiting, Retaining and Advancing Women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Carpenter Slides PDF Carpenter Handout PDF Leibnitz Slides PDF Session Handout PDF Singh & Fouad PPT PDF
Gretal Leibnitz, Diana Bilimoria, Jenna Carpenter, Nadya Fouad, Manorama Khare, Romila Singh
WISE Community Connections: Using K-12 Community Outreach as a Retention Device PPT PDF
Veronica I Arreola, Sarah H Shirk


Strategic Use of Multiple Data Sources & Evaluation Processes to Facilitate Institutional Change Poster PDF
Jodi L Linley, Theodore Curry, Paulette Granberry Russell, Tiffeny Jimenez, Clare Luz, Melissa McDaniels, Estelle McGroarty, Tamara Reid Bush, Mark Roehling, Rene Stewart O'Neal
ADVANCE: Advancing Women Faculty at North Dakota State University PPT PDF
Canan Bilen-Green, Karen Froelich, Rebecca Hayes, Ann Burnett, Sandra Holbrook
Case Study: IBM and CD Fulkes Middle School - An In-Depth look at a Middle School Effort Created with the Purpose of Growing the Pipeline of Female Students Studying Engineering in College Poster PDF Build a Bridge PDF Build a Catapult PDF Chip Me S'more PDF Strawberry DNA PDF 3 Other Exercises PDF
Audrey Romonosky, Jennifer Vargus, Carlie Bower, Lora Alaniz
Career theory connections to women's STEM career choices PPT PDF
Ceal Craig
Enrollment of Girls in Engineering up from 14.5% to 23% in Maine in 2011 PPT PDF
Sheila Pendse
ADVANCE at Washington State University’s External Mentoring: A Promising Program Poster PDF
Gretal Leibnitz, Rebecca Craft
Sharing Significant Stories: Dissemination of the Women’s History In Michigan Science and Engineering Oral Histories Poster PDF
Dejah Rubel, Debbie Taylor
Leadership Obstacles for Women Engineering Students at a Midwest University: A Qualitative Pilot Study
David Williams, Gina Matkin
Exploring the Experiences of Women Engineering Students in Leadership Roles: A Literature Review
David Williams, Gina Matkin
WIE Initiative: Recruiting Women to Engineering PPT PDF Poster PDF
Sandra Woods

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