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ADVANCing Women and STEM Faculty Members through Strategic Career Planning (ADVANCing)
Melissa Latimer, Jennifer Kasi Jackson, Katie Stores

Last modified: 2012-06-07


This strategic career planning workshop “trains the trainer” while demonstrating a retention promoting tool that attendees can implement on their own campus. We focus on tenure and other career milestones. The workshop consists of a hands-on demonstration followed by implementation guidelines based on the WVU ADVANCE campus experience.   

The ADVANCing two hour workshop is a hands-on demonstration of a strategic career planning tool used on the WVU ADVANCE campus.  Our objectives are to:

  • Activate a best practice ADVANCE model on behalf of those underrepresented in STEM and their male counterparts.
  • Provide a tool to the WEPAN community that can influence the retention of women in STEM.
  • Train the Trainers. 

Workshop Content. Attendees acquire the materials and skills to implement a similar career planning workshop on their own campus. The impetus for our strategy is based on first-hand knowledge of the challenges faculty face when required to articulate their long-term career goals via career style grant proposals, departmental strategic planning, or most importantly, their personal professional plans.  Based on our experience as reviewers for an internal career sponsorship program, faculty often present their research outcomes and significance clearly, but they struggle when asked to think critically about their own long-term career plans. Although we focus on the promotion and tenure process, this model can easily be modified for advancing to full professor, becoming a field leader, or preparing an application for a career style grant proposal (e.g., National Science Foundation CAREER program).

Workshop Structure. During the first hour and a half, attendees will participate in the training by completing the tool.  We serve as facilitators in the review of fictional Professor Smart’s offer letter, departmental promotion and tenure guidelines, and annual review criteria. Attendees are then guided through a step-by-step process regarding how to advise Professor Smart on attaining tenure. We then discuss the tool origination, share our implementation results from the WVU campus, and offer guidelines on modifying and applying this workshop on other campuses.  We expect to gather participant feedback and solicit innovative suggestions for how this strategy can be adapted for additional career stages. 

Facilitators and Co-Presenters:

  • Katie Stores, Ph.D., Political Science, Grant Development Officer, Eberly College of Arts and Sciences, Member, WVU ADVANCE Internal Advisory Board
  •  Kasi Jackson, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Women’s Studies, Member, WVU ADVANCE Working Group
  •  Melissa Latimer, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Sociology and Anthropology, Director, WVU ADVANCE Center

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