T2M International Association for the History of Transport, Traffic and Mobility, 14th T2M Annual Conference 2016 - Mobilities: Space of Flows and Friction

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Walking among Fear, Joy, and Anger: Learning about Differences and Inequality in Everyday Walking Practices in Santiago de Chile
Soledad Mart

Last modified: 2016-10-20


Walking has gained increasing attention within social sciences in recent years. It is addressed as a social practice that enables particular ways of place-making resulting from the low speed and direct contact with the environment that it allows. Within mobilities studies walking is used enthusiastically as a mobile research tool, but it has been less explored as a mobility and social practice. Considering this situation, I am carrying out an ethnographic research on everyday walking practices in Santiago de Chile consisting basically in walking with people who live in different parts of the city, with the aim of exploring how walking practices are shaped by and respond to uneven urban conditions. I am specially interested in the lived experience of walking the city, attending to the material configurations, senses, affects and rhythms. One of the findings of my fieldwork is to acknowledge my body as research tool when learning other

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