Presentations and Authors

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IN SEARCH OF THE SHORTCUTS: Exploring the past, present and future through walking and narrative in physical, virtual and psychological space
Simon Anthony Woolham


The Russian Uber -
Tonio Weicker, Mikheil Svanidze
The Mobile Surburbia
Sharon Wilson, Pau Obrador
Urban Planning and Mobility Studies: Can Epistemology Help Practice?
Pauline Wolff
Do androids dream of electric cars? The electrification of transportation in Germany and the United States as spaces of techno-utopian imagination.
Alexander Wentland
Beyond cartographic utopia: mobile mapping in Sydney and Hong Kong
Clancy Wilmott
Warnscale: Emplacing, Re-imaging and Transforming
Louise Ann Wilson

Panel 06 Heterogeneous

Lisa Anne Wood, Tracy Hauver
Heterogeneous work transformations: Pasts, presents and futures
Sung-Yueh Perng, Lisa Wood

Panel 07 City Walks

Still Walking - a Walking Festival emerging from Motor City
Ben Waddington

Panel 13: Turku

Future of Mobility in Turku: Individuals and futures signals
Markku Wilenius, Sari Puustinen, Nicolas A Balcom Raleigh, Ellinoora Leino-Richert, Anna Kirveennuummi