Presentations and Authors

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The imagined perfect world of urban non-motorized households in France and Canada
Dominic Villeneuve


Try-outs for hope and prosperity
Roine Viklund
Roads of asphalt: Another chance for Modernity to enjoy Utopian impulse
Christina Vasilopoulou
Performative Storytelling as Sustainable Engagement to City Bus Riding
Anne Victoria
Big Data Utopia. A discussion about the SUBE smartcard data and transport modeling for Buenos Aires
Maximiliano Augusto Velazquez

Panel 04 Past Futures

Past futures: Historicising Future Sustainable Urban Mobilities
Colin Divall, Martin Emanuel, Carlos L, Ruth Oldenziel, Frank Schipper, M. Lu Sousa, Pieter van Wesemael
International technocrats
Ruth Oldenziel, Maria Lu Sousa, Pieter van Wesemael