Presentations and Authors

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Nomadism in Modern Utopias: Political Lectures of Romani Mobilities
Juan Pro, Maria Sierra


Moral mobility in utopia: VR and AR in Simon Amstell's 'Carnage'
Zoyander Street
Mobility Fix 2.0: investigating the role of mobile internet-enabled Public Bike Sharing Systems in local and global capital accumulation: a case study of Shanghai, China
Justin Alex Spinney, Wen-I Lin
Utopia comes back: Paratransit as a saviour of public transport (?)
Martin Schiefelbusch
The Russian Uber -
Tonio Weicker, Mikheil Svanidze
Defining a Realistic Bicycle Utopia
Cat Silva
MPC Data Utopia/Dystopia: Medical data mobilities through multiparty computing
Male Buscher, Mal Luj Escalante, Lara Salinas, Preben Holst Mogensen
Evelyn Waugh, trainspotter: Utopian encounters along the Franco-Ethiopian Railway 1930-1935
Tony Victor Seaton
From the ideal vision of neighbourhood to real practices of parkinghood
Marta Smagacz-Poziemska, Andrzej Bukowski, Karol Kurnicki
Mobilities research and the question of theory
Kaya Barry, Samid Suliman
What kind of utopia for automated mobility futures?
Eriketti Servou
The utopia of escape from the contemporary metropolis. The dream of a seaside paradise.
Kanelia Koutsandrea, Myrto Stenou
Towards the utopia of escape. The collective dream for a coastal refuge.
Kanelia Koutsandrea, Myrto Stenou
Lost and found? The Utopian potential of crisis mobilities
Stephanie Sodero, Robin Smith
Lune River Tour: Shifting Utopian Mobility Narratives
Stephanie Sodero
Life without labour: community and desire in the post-work utopia
Mareile Pfannebecker, James Smith
From Waves to Wetlands: can cycling inspire the utopian transformation of Perth
Georgia Scott
Automated Transport as Technological Vision and Political Utopia
Claus Seibt
Atmospheric adventures in the Aerocene: heterotopias of aerial mobility
Bronislaw Szerszynski
Filling the volume: towards a general ecology of aerial mobility
Bronislaw Szerszynski
Lewis Charles Smith
Urban Regeneration (UR) and Resentment seen through Aleixo Residential Estate
Cidalia Silva
Octavia Butler
Laurence Schaack, Leonie Brasser
Driverless mobility futures: How E-car sharing might pave the way for the integration of autonomous vehicles into the future multi-modal mobility system of the Rhine Main region (Germany)
Anne Miriam Scholz

Panel 04 Past Futures

Past futures: Historicising Future Sustainable Urban Mobilities
Colin Divall, Martin Emanuel, Carlos L, Ruth Oldenziel, Frank Schipper, M. Lu Sousa, Pieter van Wesemael
International technocrats
Ruth Oldenziel, Maria Lu Sousa, Pieter van Wesemael

Panel 07 City Walks

In search of wanderability and utopian urban space
Charlotte Bates, Kate Moles, Robin James Smith

Panel 08 Intersections and Media

Science Fiction and the Future of Space Tourism
Bernadette D Salem

Panel 09 Drone-topia

Drone-topia: The (envisioned) potentials for utopia in drone technology
Stephanie Sodero
Drone-topia? Vital materialities and crisis mobilities of drone deployment
Stephanie Sodero

Panel 10 Mobility and Utopias

Session Title: Mobilities and Utopias: Historically and Today
Mimi Sheller