Presentations and Authors

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Richard Morton, Nick Dunn, Paul Coulton, Daniel Richards


Dys/U/Topian: vision and dialogue about local impacts of climate change and technology through socially engaged art.
Clare McCracken
lluminating urban street -topias
Lesley Murray, Susan Robertson
Equal access to mobility? The
Sandra Mateus
Dispositioning Systems: Performing utopias in the locative city
Joshua McWhirter
MPC Data Utopia/Dystopia: Medical data mobilities through multiparty computing
Male Buscher, Mal Luj Escalante, Lara Salinas, Preben Holst Mogensen
Victor Marquez
Datadrifts: mapping journeys through critical participation in environmental data.
Louise Mullagh, Nick Dunn, Lynne Blair
Utopias of communities
Julie Magelund
The active mobility in Brazil: advances in the scientific literature
Filipe Marino, Pedro Paulo Bastos, Victor Andrade

Panel 01 JTH

Seeking a new role for Transport History
Dhan Zunino Singh, Massimo Moraglio, Michael Bess, Valentina Fava, Mike Esbester, Greet De Block
Seeking a new Ontology for Transport History
Massimo Moraglio

Panel 02 Mobility and Museum part 1

Museums & Mobility 1 Dismantling and Rebuilding: Big Objects, Big Projects, and Big Ideas
Massimo Moraglio, Kathleen Franz

Panel 03 Mobility and Museum part 2

Museums & Mobility 2 Using Mobility and Material Culture as Catalysts for Reinterpretation
Massimo Moraglio, Kathleen Franz

Panel 06 Heterogeneous

Passions for precarious work, life and prototype: exploring open innovation in hackathons
Sung-Yueh Perng, Rob Kitchin, Darach Mac Donncha

Panel 07 City Walks

Walking as strategy of political mobilisation
Nela Milic
In search of wanderability and utopian urban space
Charlotte Bates, Kate Moles, Robin James Smith
Walking the utopian city ethnographically and transgenerationally
Lesley Murray, Helmi J
Drifting with data: walking as a critical method for making sense of data entanglements.
Louise Mullagh
Thinking through Vegetation and Garbage: Wanderings on Everyday Walking in Santiago de Chile
Soledad Mart

Panel 08 Intersections and Media

Media, mobile and immobile: Some implications of portable and fixed media
James Miller

Panel 11: Vistas

Vistas of Future New Mobility Studies: Transfers and Transformations
Gijs Mom