Presentations and Authors

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Cycling London: An Intersectional Feminist Perspective
Tiffany F Lam
IMAGINE Mobilities Design Studio
Ditte Bendix Lanng, Ole B. Jensen


Mobility Fix 2.0: investigating the role of mobile internet-enabled Public Bike Sharing Systems in local and global capital accumulation: a case study of Shanghai, China
Justin Alex Spinney, Wen-I Lin
Situated mobile utopia represented on the global-stages: Comparative studies in Shanghai and Milan Expos
Chia-ling Lai
Everyday Urban Mobility Utopias
Enza Lissandrello

Panel 02 Mobility and Museum part 1

America on the Move: An Exhibition at Middle Age
Peter Liebhold

Panel 04 Past Futures

Past futures: Historicising Future Sustainable Urban Mobilities
Colin Divall, Martin Emanuel, Carlos L, Ruth Oldenziel, Frank Schipper, M. Lu Sousa, Pieter van Wesemael
Technology, aspiration and emissions in the Tube railways of London
Carlos L

Panel 12: Post-car Forum VM

Post-Car in the Paris region
Marc Pearce, Sylvie Landrieve, Pierre Gaudino

Panel 13: Turku

Future of Mobility in Turku: Individuals and futures signals
Markku Wilenius, Sari Puustinen, Nicolas A Balcom Raleigh, Ellinoora Leino-Richert, Anna Kirveennuummi