Presentations and Authors

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Mobility-as-a-Service: A necessary but not sufficient utopia?
Maxime Audouin, Matthias Finger


Finding Vigour and Kinship Along a Diseased High-Tech Tale
Emmy Laura Perez Fjalland
Constructing a Transport hGIS: Does Infrastructure Follow Infrastructure?
Rapha Fuhrer
Is Sharing mobilities an Utopia? - Communities on the move
Malene Freudendal-Pedersen
The ruinous city: digital space, video games and apocalyptic futures
Emma Fraser
Points of presence: investigating elemental data infrastuctures
Adam Fish, Bradley Garrett, Oliver Case

Panel 01 JTH

Seeking a new role for Transport History
Dhan Zunino Singh, Massimo Moraglio, Michael Bess, Valentina Fava, Mike Esbester, Greet De Block
valentina fava

Panel 02 Mobility and Museum part 1

Museums & Mobility 1 Dismantling and Rebuilding: Big Objects, Big Projects, and Big Ideas
Massimo Moraglio, Kathleen Franz

Panel 03 Mobility and Museum part 2

Museums & Mobility 2 Using Mobility and Material Culture as Catalysts for Reinterpretation
Massimo Moraglio, Kathleen Franz

Panel 06 Heterogeneous

Demanding business travel: the evolution and futures of the timespaces of business practice
James Faulconbridge
Transformations of Gender, Work and Life: Theory and Practice
Breda Gray, Luigina Ciolfi, Pinatti Fabiano

Panel 07 City Walks

A Forgotten Utopia? The first
Cedric Feriel

Panel 09 Drone-topia

Extended Flight: The Emergence of Drone Sovereignty
Adam Fish, Bradley Garrett, Oliver Case