Presentations and Authors

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IsITethical? Serious Play with datafication as ethical impact assessment
Monika Buscher, Mal Luj Escalante
MPC Data Utopia/Dystopia: Medical data mobilities through multiparty computing
Male Buscher, Mal Luj Escalante, Lara Salinas, Preben Holst Mogensen
Everyday Utopias and everyday mobilities: a symbiotic relationship?
Jill Elizabeth Ebrey
Whispers in white noise: Modest experiments with arts of aerial mobility and transmission
Sasha Engelmann

Panel 01 JTH

Seeking a new role for Transport History
Dhan Zunino Singh, Massimo Moraglio, Michael Bess, Valentina Fava, Mike Esbester, Greet De Block
Another turn of the wheel? Co-production, engagement beyond the academe & the mobility research agenda
Mike Esbester

Panel 03 Mobility and Museum part 2

From Transport to Mobility: Changing Exhibition and Collection Strategies at the Technical Museum Vienna, Austria
Anne-Katrin Ebert

Panel 04 Past Futures

Past futures: Historicising Future Sustainable Urban Mobilities
Colin Divall, Martin Emanuel, Carlos L, Ruth Oldenziel, Frank Schipper, M. Lu Sousa, Pieter van Wesemael
History in Sustainable Urban Mobility: Key Concepts and Challenges
Martin Emanuel, Ruth Oldenziel

Panel 07 City Walks

City Walks: Mobile Utopias, Urban Governance, and Practices of Walking
Martin Emanuel, Nick Dunn