Presentations and Authors

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Richard Morton, Nick Dunn, Paul Coulton, Daniel Richards


Automobile Ownership in North Carolina, 1916-1919: A Digital History Project
Ross Knox Bassett, Carl Colglazier
Infrastructure as Public Space? Protesting and Counter-protesting (Im)Mobility
Julie Cidell
From cars (only) to people: Traffic infrastructures and their potential for innovative experiences of urban mobility
Thiago ALLIS, Bryan CLIFT
Points of presence: investigating elemental data infrastuctures
Adam Fish, Bradley Garrett, Oliver Case
Bridging Transport History and Mobility Studies
Peter Cox
New Methods to analyze 'mobile utopias'
Andrea Hernandez Bueno, Cecilie Breinholm Christensen

Panel 06 Heterogeneous

Transformations of Gender, Work and Life: Theory and Practice
Breda Gray, Luigina Ciolfi, Pinatti Fabiano

Panel 09 Drone-topia

Towards A Feminist Drone Utopia? Exploring the Implications of
Sydney Calkin
Extended Flight: The Emergence of Drone Sovereignty
Adam Fish, Bradley Garrett, Oliver Case

Panel 10 Mobility and Utopias

Why not now? Proximate utopias, mobility and anchoring
Peter Cox