Presentations and Authors

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Horizon 2000: Montreal's vision for the future
Pierre Barrieau
Speculating with Human Rights: Two South Asian Women Writers and Utopian Mobilities
Barnita Bagchi


Towards Nation-Building: Zhu Liren's 1945 Tourism Plan for Post-War China
Antonio Barrento
Making utopia possible: how lessons from history can contribute to the challenge of the sustainable mobility
Eleonora Belloni
Smart Velomobile Utopias
Frauke Behrendt
The Dream of Personal Rapid Transit
Arnd Baetzner
Two Cumbrian Utopias
Alan Beattie
Moving art in recovery and resilience: using participatory art with people affected by migration
Amanda Bingley
Utopian thinking as an introduction to new perspective of consumption space
Zofia Bednarowska
Maria Borovnik
Touring Theatre as Mobile Utopia
Tessa Buddle
IsITethical? Serious Play with datafication as ethical impact assessment
Monika Buscher, Mal Luj Escalante
MPC Data Utopia/Dystopia: Medical data mobilities through multiparty computing
Male Buscher, Mal Luj Escalante, Lara Salinas, Preben Holst Mogensen
From the ideal vision of neighbourhood to real practices of parkinghood
Marta Smagacz-Poziemska, Andrzej Bukowski, Karol Kurnicki
Automobile Ownership in North Carolina, 1916-1919: A Digital History Project
Ross Knox Bassett, Carl Colglazier
Mobilities research and the question of theory
Kaya Barry, Samid Suliman
Datadrifts: mapping journeys through critical participation in environmental data.
Louise Mullagh, Nick Dunn, Lynne Blair
Drivers and other actors. Dynamics of road freight transport based on an analysis of employee groups, 1880
J Burchardt
Will the study of history lose its identity due to claims of short-term political relevance? An empirical study of the communication between historians through T2M
J Burchardt
Machinima as a mode of exploration across worlds
Tess Baxter
The active mobility in Brazil: advances in the scientific literature
Filipe Marino, Pedro Paulo Bastos, Victor Andrade
Octavia Butler
Laurence Schaack, Leonie Brasser
Between Utopia and Dystopia: Socio-technological imaginaries of autonomous vehicles
Robert Braun

Panel 01 JTH

Seeking a new role for Transport History
Dhan Zunino Singh, Massimo Moraglio, Michael Bess, Valentina Fava, Mike Esbester, Greet De Block
Searching for New Trends in Mobility History: The Strategic Role of Blogging
Michael Kirkland Bess

Panel 02 Mobility and Museum part 1

Re-imaging 20th Century Steam Transportation in Canada
Sharon Babaian

Panel 03 Mobility and Museum part 2

Compartmentalising mobility: Manchester
Josh Butt

Panel 07 City Walks

Materialities of Walking, Pedestrian Traffic, and Negotiating Mobile Futures of Metropolitan Cities in Russia (1890 -1930s)
Alexandra Bekasova
In search of wanderability and utopian urban space
Charlotte Bates, Kate Moles, Robin James Smith
Walking Utopias in a long-term perspective: pedestrian infrastructures in Lyon during 20th century
Louis Baldasseroni

Panel 13: Turku

Future of Mobility in Turku: Individuals and futures signals
Markku Wilenius, Sari Puustinen, Nicolas A Balcom Raleigh, Ellinoora Leino-Richert, Anna Kirveennuummi