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Mobility-as-a-Service: A necessary but not sufficient utopia?
Maxime Audouin, Matthias Finger


An Ecocritical Analysis of Sea Shepherd and Earth First! as Potential Ecotopian Expressions
Heather Elaine Alberro
Concrete and bullock carts: modern roads in interwar India
Angelica Agredo Montealegre
"Antennae ears tuned to all voices of the city" - mobility and control in the works of William Burroughs
Paulo Rui Anciaes
Blurred Limits of Utopian Literature
Ceren Alkan
Roadside Utopias: Mobile Spaces at the British Motorway Service Area
Samuel Austin
From cars (only) to people: Traffic infrastructures and their potential for innovative experiences of urban mobility
Thiago ALLIS, Bryan CLIFT
An emerging tourism paradigm? Post-conflict tourism and social integration of refugees in S
Thiago ALLIS, Marina Lopez PINTO
The active mobility in Brazil: advances in the scientific literature
Filipe Marino, Pedro Paulo Bastos, Victor Andrade

Panel 07 City Walks

The Walking-Stick in the Victorian City: Conflicting Ideals of the Sunday Stroll
Peter K. Andersson