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Horizon 2000: Montreal's vision for the future
Pierre Barrieau
Nomadism in Modern Utopias: Political Lectures of Romani Mobilities
Juan Pro, Maria Sierra
ALATCO, the first Bus: Transport history and Mobility in the Philippines
Leo Paulo Ibasco Imperial
Mobility-as-a-Service: A necessary but not sufficient utopia?
Maxime Audouin, Matthias Finger
Cycling London: An Intersectional Feminist Perspective
Tiffany F Lam
Speculating with Human Rights: Two South Asian Women Writers and Utopian Mobilities
Barnita Bagchi
IMAGINE Mobilities Design Studio
Ditte Bendix Lanng, Ole B. Jensen
IN SEARCH OF THE SHORTCUTS: Exploring the past, present and future through walking and narrative in physical, virtual and psychological space
Simon Anthony Woolham
The imagined perfect world of urban non-motorized households in France and Canada
Dominic Villeneuve
Cornelis van Tilburg
Richard Morton, Nick Dunn, Paul Coulton, Daniel Richards
Embodiments of slow mobility utopia since the second half of the 20th Century. The example of Brussels.
Claire Pelgrims


Underground Utopia in Dresden - 120 years better off without
Wolfgang Niebel
Louise M Haase
Moral mobility in utopia: VR and AR in Simon Amstell's 'Carnage'
Zoyander Street
Towards Nation-Building: Zhu Liren's 1945 Tourism Plan for Post-War China
Antonio Barrento
Making utopia possible: how lessons from history can contribute to the challenge of the sustainable mobility
Eleonora Belloni
An Ecocritical Analysis of Sea Shepherd and Earth First! as Potential Ecotopian Expressions
Heather Elaine Alberro
Dys/U/Topian: vision and dialogue about local impacts of climate change and technology through socially engaged art.
Clare McCracken
Cosmopolitanism as a mobile utopia? A discussion concerning citizenship and access to dreams of immigrants in the global city of S
Viviane Riegel
Concrete and bullock carts: modern roads in interwar India
Angelica Agredo Montealegre
Anticipation, Automation and Navigation
Sam Hind
Library and Archives Canada & Canadian Transportation History
Shane Pacey
Mobility Fix 2.0: investigating the role of mobile internet-enabled Public Bike Sharing Systems in local and global capital accumulation: a case study of Shanghai, China
Justin Alex Spinney, Wen-I Lin
Try-outs for hope and prosperity
Roine Viklund
Mobile Imaginaries: Landscape Utopias
Emma Rose
On the right track? - Challenges for the Archives of Canada
Shane Pacey
lluminating urban street -topias
Lesley Murray, Susan Robertson
Michael Haldrup
Smart Velomobile Utopias
Frauke Behrendt
"Antennae ears tuned to all voices of the city" - mobility and control in the works of William Burroughs
Paulo Rui Anciaes
Sequencing multiple practices: what comes first, what comes next and implications for utopian thinking
Allison Hui
The role and experiences of volunteers within railway preservation societies.
Stephanie Olivia Penney Jones
Finding Vigour and Kinship Along a Diseased High-Tech Tale
Emmy Laura Perez Fjalland
Mobility as seen by the Chinese: memory, imaginaries and aspirations for the future
Christophe Gay
Utopia comes back: Paratransit as a saviour of public transport (?)
Martin Schiefelbusch
The Dream of Personal Rapid Transit
Arnd Baetzner
Automobile Utopias and Dystopias: Designing a Dystopian International Motor Show
Richard Randell
Not Utopia But Civilization
David Tyfield
Equal access to mobility? The
Sandra Mateus
Technology-based utopias
Thomas Klinger
Two Cumbrian Utopias
Alan Beattie
Being busy: Utopian or dystopian feelings of time and mobility?
Clare Holdsworth
Moving art in recovery and resilience: using participatory art with people affected by migration
Amanda Bingley
Constructing a Transport hGIS: Does Infrastructure Follow Infrastructure?
Rapha Fuhrer
Critique of the future hype - Functions of the Discourses on the Fu-tures of Mobility / Mobilities
Konrad Goetz
On the Backside of Utopia: Social Practices of Waiting for Transportation (1830-1930)
Robin Kellermann
Automotive Tourism and Leisure Trips in 20th Century Brazil - From Modernist Utopia to Mass Phenomenon?!
Mario Peters
The Russian Uber -
Tonio Weicker, Mikheil Svanidze
Utopian thinking as an introduction to new perspective of consumption space
Zofia Bednarowska
Dispositioning Systems: Performing utopias in the locative city
Joshua McWhirter
The Future Looks Seamless: Attending to Friction in Travel and Tourism.
Michael O' Regan
Maria Borovnik
The Mobile Surburbia
Sharon Wilson, Pau Obrador
Touring Theatre as Mobile Utopia
Tessa Buddle
Mobility, Cities and Public Management: the expansion of the Bus Rapid Transit systems (BRTs) in Quito, Bogot
Listening to Utopia: The Mobility of Sound and the Sound of Mobility
Samuel Thulin
Roads of asphalt: Another chance for Modernity to enjoy Utopian impulse
Christina Vasilopoulou
Is Sharing mobilities an Utopia? - Communities on the move
Malene Freudendal-Pedersen
Jakob Puchinger
Defining a Realistic Bicycle Utopia
Cat Silva
IsITethical? Serious Play with datafication as ethical impact assessment
Monika Buscher, Mal Luj Escalante
MPC Data Utopia/Dystopia: Medical data mobilities through multiparty computing
Male Buscher, Mal Luj Escalante, Lara Salinas, Preben Holst Mogensen
Evelyn Waugh, trainspotter: Utopian encounters along the Franco-Ethiopian Railway 1930-1935
Tony Victor Seaton
Performative Storytelling as Sustainable Engagement to City Bus Riding
Anne Victoria
From the ideal vision of neighbourhood to real practices of parkinghood
Marta Smagacz-Poziemska, Andrzej Bukowski, Karol Kurnicki
Automobile Ownership in North Carolina, 1916-1919: A Digital History Project
Ross Knox Bassett, Carl Colglazier
Revising the concept of corridor towards the building of mobility indicators in Buenos Aires Metropolitan Area: the case of the Southwest Corridor
Jimena Grisel Dmuchowsky
Victor Marquez
Situated mobile utopia represented on the global-stages: Comparative studies in Shanghai and Milan Expos
Chia-ling Lai
Mobilities research and the question of theory
Kaya Barry, Samid Suliman
Anna Plyushteva
Hoping for disaster: preparedness and the challenge of standby
Joe Deville
Urban Planning and Mobility Studies: Can Epistemology Help Practice?
Pauline Wolff
What kind of utopia for automated mobility futures?
Eriketti Servou
Everyday Utopias and everyday mobilities: a symbiotic relationship?
Jill Elizabeth Ebrey
Youth and Alternative Sporting (Im)mobilities in Disrupted and Conflicted Spaces
Holly Thorpe
From horse-drawn carriages to driverless cars
Silke Zimmer-Merkle
Transport Heritage as Mankind Utopia: the moral values in World Heritage of transport
Eduardo Romero Oliveira
The narrow utopias of finance
Emre Tarim
The utopia of escape from the contemporary metropolis. The dream of a seaside paradise.
Kanelia Koutsandrea, Myrto Stenou
Datadrifts: mapping journeys through critical participation in environmental data.
Louise Mullagh, Nick Dunn, Lynne Blair
Towards the utopia of escape. The collective dream for a coastal refuge.
Kanelia Koutsandrea, Myrto Stenou
Lost and found? The Utopian potential of crisis mobilities
Stephanie Sodero, Robin Smith
African American Automobilities in Walter Mosley
Judith A. Nicholson
Utopias of communities
Julie Magelund
Lune River Tour: Shifting Utopian Mobility Narratives
Stephanie Sodero
Do androids dream of electric cars? The electrification of transportation in Germany and the United States as spaces of techno-utopian imagination.
Alexander Wentland
Blurred Limits of Utopian Literature
Ceren Alkan
Roadside Utopias: Mobile Spaces at the British Motorway Service Area
Samuel Austin
Life without labour: community and desire in the post-work utopia
Mareile Pfannebecker, James Smith
From Waves to Wetlands: can cycling inspire the utopian transformation of Perth
Georgia Scott
Infrastructure as Public Space? Protesting and Counter-protesting (Im)Mobility
Julie Cidell
Automated Transport as Technological Vision and Political Utopia
Claus Seibt
Beyond cartographic utopia: mobile mapping in Sydney and Hong Kong
Clancy Wilmott
Mobility Friction: Understanding the decline of Russian second-home mobility in Finland.
Olga Hannonen
Drivers and other actors. Dynamics of road freight transport based on an analysis of employee groups, 1880
J Burchardt
From cars (only) to people: Traffic infrastructures and their potential for innovative experiences of urban mobility
Thiago ALLIS, Bryan CLIFT
An emerging tourism paradigm? Post-conflict tourism and social integration of refugees in S
Thiago ALLIS, Marina Lopez PINTO
Atmospheric adventures in the Aerocene: heterotopias of aerial mobility
Bronislaw Szerszynski
The ruinous city: digital space, video games and apocalyptic futures
Emma Fraser
Creating a Better World? How Glasgow and the West of Scotland Embraced Transport Futures
Neil Robertson Johnson-Symington
Points of presence: investigating elemental data infrastuctures
Adam Fish, Bradley Garrett, Oliver Case
Deep Time, Slow Dance: Sixteen (and counting) propositions for Atmospheric Sensuality - or - Future-Tense Vibrations
Samuel Hertz
Filling the volume: towards a general ecology of aerial mobility
Bronislaw Szerszynski
Whispers in white noise: Modest experiments with arts of aerial mobility and transmission
Sasha Engelmann
Multiplanetary Imaginaries and Mobile Utopia
Richard Tutton
Everyday Urban Mobility Utopias
Enza Lissandrello
Will the study of history lose its identity due to claims of short-term political relevance? An empirical study of the communication between historians through T2M
J Burchardt
Machinima as a mode of exploration across worlds
Tess Baxter
Bridging Transport History and Mobility Studies
Peter Cox
Mobility as seen by the Chinese: memory, imaginaries and aspirations for the future
Christophe Gay
Careful Mobilities: Digital Kinship, care-at-distance and mobile apps
Larissa Hjorth
A Spoiler That Embodies Hope: Utopian and Dystopian Dimensions of Radio Traffic Reports
Marith Dieker
Lewis Charles Smith
Urban Regeneration (UR) and Resentment seen through Aleixo Residential Estate
Cidalia Silva
The active mobility in Brazil: advances in the scientific literature
Filipe Marino, Pedro Paulo Bastos, Victor Andrade
Octavia Butler
Laurence Schaack, Leonie Brasser
Between Utopia and Dystopia: Socio-technological imaginaries of autonomous vehicles
Robert Braun
Driverless mobility futures: How E-car sharing might pave the way for the integration of autonomous vehicles into the future multi-modal mobility system of the Rhine Main region (Germany)
Anne Miriam Scholz
A libertarian socialist mobilities utopia
Luca Nitschke
Green Favelas: past, present and futures of favela tourism in Rio de Janeiro
Camila Maria dos Santos Moraes
openAnalogInput(): Data mining and subjectivation
Fernanda da Costa Portugal Duarte
New Methods to analyze 'mobile utopias'
Andrea Hernandez Bueno, Cecilie Breinholm Christensen
Big Data Utopia. A discussion about the SUBE smartcard data and transport modeling for Buenos Aires
Maximiliano Augusto Velazquez
Warnscale: Emplacing, Re-imaging and Transforming
Louise Ann Wilson

Panel 01 JTH

Seeking a new role for Transport History
Dhan Zunino Singh, Massimo Moraglio, Michael Bess, Valentina Fava, Mike Esbester, Greet De Block
Another turn of the wheel? Co-production, engagement beyond the academe & the mobility research agenda
Mike Esbester
Seeking a new Ontology for Transport History
Massimo Moraglio
From mobile utopias to grounded speculations
Greet De Block
valentina fava
Searching for New Trends in Mobility History: The Strategic Role of Blogging
Michael Kirkland Bess

Panel 02 Mobility and Museum part 1

Museums & Mobility 1 Dismantling and Rebuilding: Big Objects, Big Projects, and Big Ideas
Massimo Moraglio, Kathleen Franz
America on the Move: An Exhibition at Middle Age
Peter Liebhold
Museums and Mobility: English Heritage
Andrew Roberts
Re-imaging 20th Century Steam Transportation in Canada
Sharon Babaian

Panel 03 Mobility and Museum part 2

Museums & Mobility 2 Using Mobility and Material Culture as Catalysts for Reinterpretation
Massimo Moraglio, Kathleen Franz
Compartmentalising mobility: Manchester
Josh Butt
From Transport to Mobility: Changing Exhibition and Collection Strategies at the Technical Museum Vienna, Austria
Anne-Katrin Ebert
Utopia in museums: a challenge for mobility history, and vice versa
Marie-Noelle POLINO

Panel 04 Past Futures

Past futures: Historicising Future Sustainable Urban Mobilities
Colin Divall, Martin Emanuel, Carlos L, Ruth Oldenziel, Frank Schipper, M. Lu Sousa, Pieter van Wesemael
History in Sustainable Urban Mobility: Key Concepts and Challenges
Martin Emanuel, Ruth Oldenziel
Technology, aspiration and emissions in the Tube railways of London
Carlos L
Colin Divall
International technocrats
Ruth Oldenziel, Maria Lu Sousa, Pieter van Wesemael

Panel 05 Dystopic

Dystopic immobilities: past & future, north & south and everything in between
Govind Gopakumar
From Dystopia to Dystopia: Congestion and the pursuit of an ordered urban modernity in India
Govind Gopakumar
Pedestrians and cyclists as
Yogi Joseph
When Car and Bullock Cart Met: Road Problems and Transport Immobilities in Early 20th Century India
Stefan Tetzlaff

Panel 06 Heterogeneous

Demanding business travel: the evolution and futures of the timespaces of business practice
James Faulconbridge
Transformations of Gender, Work and Life: Theory and Practice
Breda Gray, Luigina Ciolfi, Pinatti Fabiano
Lisa Anne Wood, Tracy Hauver
Heterogeneous work transformations: Pasts, presents and futures
Sung-Yueh Perng, Lisa Wood
Passions for precarious work, life and prototype: exploring open innovation in hackathons
Sung-Yueh Perng, Rob Kitchin, Darach Mac Donncha

Panel 07 City Walks

City Walks: Mobile Utopias, Urban Governance, and Practices of Walking
Martin Emanuel, Nick Dunn
Walking as strategy of political mobilisation
Nela Milic
The Walking-Stick in the Victorian City: Conflicting Ideals of the Sunday Stroll
Peter K. Andersson
A Forgotten Utopia? The first
Cedric Feriel
Materialities of Walking, Pedestrian Traffic, and Negotiating Mobile Futures of Metropolitan Cities in Russia (1890 -1930s)
Alexandra Bekasova
Tauri Tuvikene
Still Walking - a Walking Festival emerging from Motor City
Ben Waddington
In search of wanderability and utopian urban space
Charlotte Bates, Kate Moles, Robin James Smith
Playing in the Street: CCTV Bingo and the Architecture of Fear
Morag Rose
Walking the utopian city ethnographically and transgenerationally
Lesley Murray, Helmi J
Mobility, music and transforming everyday sounds
Steve Jones
Drifting with data: walking as a critical method for making sense of data entanglements.
Louise Mullagh
Walking Utopias in a long-term perspective: pedestrian infrastructures in Lyon during 20th century
Louis Baldasseroni
Thinking through Vegetation and Garbage: Wanderings on Everyday Walking in Santiago de Chile
Soledad Mart

Panel 08 Intersections and Media

Intersections of Media and Mobilities
Julia Hildebrand
Media, mobile and immobile: Some implications of portable and fixed media
James Miller
Mobilism: a research agenda?
Maren Hartmann
Host Cities and the Olympic Gaze
Maria Alice de Faria Nogueira
Science Fiction and the Future of Space Tourism
Bernadette D Salem

Panel 09 Drone-topia

Drone-topia: The (envisioned) potentials for utopia in drone technology
Stephanie Sodero
The Drone-topian Gaze: Heightened Moving and Seeing in Drone Cinematography
Julia Hildebrand
Drone-topia? Vital materialities and crisis mobilities of drone deployment
Stephanie Sodero
Speculative mobilities of the drone-topia
Anna Jackman
Towards A Feminist Drone Utopia? Exploring the Implications of
Sydney Calkin
Extended Flight: The Emergence of Drone Sovereignty
Adam Fish, Bradley Garrett, Oliver Case

Panel 10 Mobility and Utopias

Session Title: Mobilities and Utopias: Historically and Today
Mimi Sheller
Re-imagining a City through Mobility: Exploring the Meanings of Velotopia
Anna Nikolaeva, Samuel Nel-lo Deakin
Why not now? Proximate utopias, mobility and anchoring
Peter Cox
From necrotopias to thalassopias: designing spatial (dis)continuities in Calatrava
Rodanthi Tzanelli
Utopia as politics: discussing future mobilities
Dhan Zunino Singh
Innovation and Utopia Experimental Workshop:A Start-Up and Research Mash Up
Gillian Youngs

Panel 11: Vistas

Vistas of Future New Mobility Studies: Transfers and Transformations
Gijs Mom

Panel 12: Post-car Forum VM

Post-Car in the Paris region
Marc Pearce, Sylvie Landrieve, Pierre Gaudino

Panel 13: Turku

Future of Mobility in Turku: Individuals and futures signals
Markku Wilenius, Sari Puustinen, Nicolas A Balcom Raleigh, Ellinoora Leino-Richert, Anna Kirveennuummi