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On Approaching Orbis Tertius: Open Humanities Press PDF VIDEO
Sigi Jottkandt,
Transforming the invisible visibility of Latin America's Scholarly Work: The Good, the Ugly and the Challenging VIDEO
Gustavo E. Fischman, Arizona State University
Google Scholar: The Adventure Continues
Anurag Acharya, Google Scholar
The Intellectual Properties of Learning, Part II: The Medieval Monastic Legacy VIDEO
John Willinsky, Stanford University & PKP
Open Access for Books VIDEO
Eelco Ferwerda, OAPEN Foundation
We have won the argument about Open Access – now we have to bring things together and make it work! VIDEO
Lars Björnshauge, SPARC Europe
Interventions in the Confluence of Open Access and Social Engagement VIDEO
Ray Siemens, English, U Victoria

Community/User Groups

Workshop on functional extensions and value added services for OJS PPT
Bozana Bokan, Freie Universität Berlin
Albert Geukes, Freie Universität Berlin
Katja Mruck, Freie Universität Berlin
Integration of PKP and Joomla PPT
Jamie Fowlie, Educational Portals
Open Access and Institutional Repositories in Bulgaria
Georgi Simeonov, master student
Peter L Stanchev, Institute of Mathematics and Informatics, BAS Kettering University, USA
Overview of OJS use in Brazil:The need for further action towards an advanced use of the system.
Ramón Martins Sodoma da Fonseca, Instituto Brasileiro de Informação em Ciência e Tecnologia - IBICT
Miguel Ángel Márdero Arellano, Instituto Brasileiro de Informação em Ciência e Tecnologia - IBICT
Rodrigo Rodrigues de Souza, Faculdades Projeção
Exposing and Reusing Scholarly Compound Objects – a Practical Use Case
Jochen Schirrwagen, Bielefeld University Library
Anouar Boulal,

North Rhine-Westphalian

Library Service Center (hbz)


Andres Quast,

North Rhine-Westphalian

Library Service Center (hbz)


OJS journals in Brazil: considerations for increased impact and visibility PPT
Edilson Damasio, State University of Maringá Press - Eduem
Towards the Strengthening of the editorial processes of emerging countries: Redalyc collaboration experiences with Cuba and Venezuela
Eduardo Aguado-López, Sistema e Información Científica Redalyc Universidad Autónoma del Estado de México
Rosario Rogel-Salazar
Remedios Melero, Spanish National Research Council (CSIC)

Editors, Publishers, and Librarians

Change is glacially slow (but it happens) : challenges and opportunities for the HSS
Paola Galimberti, Università degli Studi di Milano
Andrea Marchitelli, CILEA
Open Access activities of the German National Library of Science and Technology (TIB): SCOAP3-DH and arXiv-DH PDF
Elke Brehm, TIB - German National Library of Science and Technology
What are those students up to: the what,when, where and how of undergraduate and graduate journals
Rea Devakos, University of Toronto
Is going solo a good idea? PPT
Jan Erik Frantsvåg, University Library of Tromsø
SpringerOpen – Springer’s next steps in open access
Jana Simniok,

SpringerOpen Journal Manager, Springer
Tiergartenstr. 17, 69121 Heidelberg, Germany

Never Waste a Good Crisis: The Opportunity to Support At-Risk Journals in U.S Research Universities PPT
Kim Armstrong, Committee on Institutional Cooperation
Jay Starratt, Washington State University
CASPUR-CIBER Publishing - Pubblicazioni ecosostenibili", open access publishing for the Italian research community
Virginia Valzano, CASPUR-CIBER Publishing - Pubblicazioni ecosostenibili
Rosita Ingrosso, University of Salento
Domenico Lucarella, University of Salento
Walter Stefano, University of Salento
Ugo Contino, CASPUR
Paola Gargiulo, CASPUR
Riccardo Fazio, CASPUR
Modeling Scholarly Communication as an Information System
Steve Marks, Scholars Portal, Ontario Council of University Libraries
Andrea Kosavic, York University
Innovating Research Support through UPEI’s VRE service
Kirsta Stapelfeldt, Robertson Library University of Prince Edward Island
Islandora: evolving data-stewardship models and managerial practice at UPEI
Kirsta Stapelfeldt, Robertson Library University of Prince Edward Island
European Journal of Taxonomy  a Public Collaborative Project in Open Access scholarly communication  PDF
Laurence Bénichou, Muséum national d’Histoire naturelle, Paris, France
Koen Martens, Royal Belgian Institute of natural Sciences, Brussels, Belgium
Daphne Duin, EDIT office, Paris, France
Graham Higley, Natural History Museum, London, UK
Isabelle Gérard, Royal Museum for Central Africa, Tervuren, Belgium
Steven Dessein, National Botanic Garden of Belgium, Meise, Belgium
Mark John Costello, Leigh Marine Laboratory, University of Auckland, New Zealand
OJS in a Developing Country: Lessons Learnt and Taught
Susan Heather Louise Murray, African Journals OnLine (AJOL)
Open Access and Threaded Publications
Johanna Kuhn, BioMed Central
Making the Right (Small) Decisions: Building a Scalable, Sustainable, and Editor-friendly Journal Imprint PREZI
Dale Askey, McMaster University Hamilton, Ontario Canada
Narcisa de Fátima Amboni
Andrea Leão Figueiredo Grants
Claudiane Weber, Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina
Alexandre Pedro de Oliveira
Guidelines for assigning the DOI to scientific publications of the Journals Portal UFSC PPT
Narcisa de Fátima Amboni
Andrea Figueiredo Leão Grants
Claudiane Weber
Alexandre Pedro de Oliveira
Bryn Mawr Classical Review at 21
Camilla MacKay, Bryn Mawr College
Support for open access in Australia – an overview PPT
Danny Abigail Kingsley, Manager, Scholarly Communication and ePublishing, Australian National University
First steps in Academia: creating publishing opportunities for young authors
Aldo Merlino, Universidad Empresarial Siglo 21, Cordoba, Argentina
Alejandra Martinez, Universidad Empresarial Siglo 21
DON’T PANIC: Enhanced Journals...Made Easy! - How to use OJS for Enhanced Publications PPT
Marnix van Berchum, Utrecht University
What's the count now? The implementation of a statistics framework for a national scholarly community
James MacGregor, Publick Knowledge Project, Simon Fraser University
Jason Nugent, Publick Knowledge Project, Simon Fraser University
Open Access Korea Journal Service based on XML as a Channel of Value-added Domestic Articles, and Korean Open Access Journal Activation
hyejin lee, Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information
Gyuhwan Kim, Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information
Hyun-kyoo Choi, Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information
Freemium as a sustainable economic model for Open Access publications in the humanities and social sciences PDF
Pierre Mounier, Cléo/
Open Access Statistics: Interoperable Usage Statistics for Open Access Documents
Ulrich Herb, Saarland University and State Library, Germany

Daniel Beucke, Göttingen State and University Library
Kairos-OJS Plugin Project: author, editor, and reader tools for scholarly multimedia
Kathie Gossett, Old Dominion University
Cheryl Ball, Illinois State University
Doug Eyman, George Mason University
Knowledge for All: A Collaborative, International, and Open Citation Database and Research Tool PPT
Kirsta Stapelfeldt, Robertson Library at University of Prince Edward Island
Mark Leggott, Knowledge for All Robertson Library at University of Prince Edward Island
Organized access to the Ibero-American quality journals - the PPL experience PPT
Ana Maria Cetto, UNAM
José Octavio Alonso-Gamboa, UNAM
Saray Córdoba González, Universidad de Costa Rica
Elea Giménez Toledo, CSIC
Tools and practices in Scholarly communication initiatives in Greece: take the «OJS» train?
Panagiotis (Panos) Georgiou, University of Patras, Library & Information Center

Fiori Papadatou, University of Patras, Library & Information Center
Under One Roof: A New Journal Server for the Academic World
Isabella Meinecke, Hamburg University Press, publishing house of the State and University Library of Hamburg
Free e-journal publishing services: the University of Pittsburgh experience PPT
Timothy S. Deliyannides, University of Pittsburgh
Creating online contents built on topic maps. The case of open access and scientific publication NECOBELAC training modules
Remedios Melero, Spanish National Research Council (CSIC)
Luis Zorita, UNED
Nerea Rodríguez-Armentia, CSIC
Alicia López-Medina, UNED
What is the colour of your journal? Case based on Spanish scientific journals
Remedios Melero, Spanish National Research Council (CSIC)
Josep-Manuel Rodríguez-Gairín, Universitat de Barcelona
Francisca Abad, Universitat de València
Ernest Abadal
Increasing Accessibility to Data: Research Data Management @ MIT Libraries PDF
Steven Gass, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Challenges for libraries in curation data for a research group at UPC
consol garcia, UPC BCN tech
Modelling the future: Considerations and Implications Involved in Selecting a Metadata Schema for National, Cross-Discipline Use
Martin Boucher, Université de Montréal
James MacGregor, Simon Fraser University
Building a Framework to Support Scholarly Journal Publishing at the University of Pittsburgh: A Case Study in Rapid Growth
Vanessa Gabler,

University Library System, University of Pittsburgh

7500 Thomas Boulevard

Pittsburgh, PA 15260

Changing times and Synergies' Exit Strategy
Lynn Copeland, SFU Library
Michael Eberle-Sinatra
The latest and greatest XML based composition workflows from around the world
Adrian Thomas Stanley, The Charlesworth Group (USA)
DOI (Digital Object Identifier) and OJS (Open Journal System): the best case use in the Brazilian University
Edilson Damasio, State University of Maringá Press - Eduem
Integrating OJS, LOCKSS, and access strategies
Mark Jordan,

Simon Fraser University Library

Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada

Standards in Genomic Sciences: Lessons learned
George Garrity, Michigan State University

Researchers and Societies

What We Don't Know We Don't Know - The need for article level metrics
Gregg Gordon, Social Science Research Network
Towards Understanding Interdisciplinary, Internationally-distributed Teams in Academic and Open Access Environments
Lynne Siemens, University of Victoria
Elisabeth Burr, University of Leipzig
Tamara Yewchuk, University of Victoria review platform for European history
Lilian Landes, Bavarian State Library
Towards an open-access publication infrastructure for European psychology
Erich Weichselgartner, Leibniz Institute for Psychology Information (ZPID)
Report on Open Access in Ukraine
Oleksandr Novytskyi, Researcher Institute of Software Systems NAS Ukraine
Open Access in Poland
Teresa Swieckowska, University of Warsaw, Institute of Information and Book Studies
Role of Social Technologies in Global Collaborations - The Case of Open Access Publishing
Saima Khan, University of Amsterdam, Netherlands
Bas Smit, University of Amsterdam
Open Journal System in Argentina: an experience to share PPT
Alberto Apollaro, SciELO Argentina-CAICYT-CONICET
The potential role of Open Access Publishing in Supporting Distance Higher Education and Open Learning in sub-Saharan Africa
Ezra M Ondari-Okemwa, University of Fort Hare, South Africa
Enhancing Scholarly Publishing in the Humanities and Social Sciences: Innovation through Hybrid Forms of Publication PDF
Nicholas Jankowski
Clifford Tatum
Zuotian Tatum
Andrea Scharnhorst
The evolution of the Latin American science dissemination model: Redalyc 2.0
Eduardo Aguado-López, Sistema e Información Científica Redalyc Universidad Autónoma del Estado de México
Arianna Becerril-García
Open Access publishing with peDOCS – an experiment in the field of educational science
Agathe Gebert,

German Institute of International Educational Research (DIPF)

A Wiki Approach to Open Access
Daniel Mietchen, Wikimedian in Residence on Open Science, Open Knowledge Foundation
Digital Developments in Libraries, Journals, and Monograph Publishing: Emerging Pitfalls, Practices, and Possibilities
Rowland Lorimer, Simon Fraser University
Brian Owen, Simon Fraser University
Rea Devakos, University of Toronto
Disambiguate yourself: A distributed approach to uniquely identifying authors
Juan Pablo Alperin, Public Knowledge Project and Stanford University
Open Access: immediate tasks and future prospects
Dieter Stein, Heinrich-Heine-University Düsseldorf

Software Developers and System Administrators

Enhancing OJS journals with advanced online reading and viewing capabilities PDF
Panagiotis Stathopoulos, EKT -Hellenic National Documentation Centre/NHRF
Nikos Houssos, EKT - Hellenic Documentation Centre/NHRF
Ourania Stathopoulou
George Stavrou,
EKT - Hellenic Documentation Centre/NHRF

Alexandros Soumplis, EKT - Hellenic National Documentation Centre