Open Access and Threaded Publications

Johanna Kuhn


BioMed Central advocates free and complete access to scientific research. This is often associated with the publication of full Open Access journals however, BioMed Central has decided to take this concept a step further and look at the possibility of access to scientific data and its connectivity with related content. Scientific  communication can now claim to have taken a step forward in connectivity and transparency with the introduction of ‘threaded publications’.  This concept seeks to address the current problem of disconnected articles and sound research failing to be published, by providing a complete solution. ‘Threaded publications’ use electronic publishing technology to link content related to a research study or clinical trial and will help scientists, readers and patients find more complete information about a treatment, and should help reduce the potential for wasteful duplication of research efforts. This presentation will seek to demonstrate how threaded publications can work in practice, look at the measures taken by BioMed Central to encourage this new and exciting way of working with scientific data, and will discuss the benefits such an initiative can bring to scientific communication.


Threaded Publications; Open Access; BioMed Central