Hackfest Call for Participation

The Public Knowledge Project is pleased to announce that a Hackfest will be part of the 2011 PKP Scholarly Publishing Conference. The Hackfest is an opportunity for developers to gather and work with other community members and the PKP team to rapidly develop an interesting project based on PKP software.

While this is intended primarily as an opportunity for developers, we also encourage non-technical participation. There will be opportunities for requirements definition, group coordination, documentation, etc.


The Hackfest will be centered around several medium-sized group projects or themes. Participants are encouraged to consider the following themes:

If you have a project and need developers, you may offer a project description and a bounty to Hackfest participants.


The PKP team will provide several tools to help coordinate development, such as a wiki, but participants should bring laptops. Developers who are not able to attend the conference may participate remotely. Wireless internet access will be available.

Each group may present their work at the Lighting Talks conference session, and may include code, documentation, screenshots, etc. for publication on the conference website.

Contact and Deadlines

Participants may contact the PKP conference team at pkp-2011-hackfest@sfu.ca. Please let us know the following:

  • Skills you'd like to contribute (e.g. OJS development, Git, team leadership, etc.)
  • Projects you'd like to suggest
  • Additional suggestions or requests

Participants should contact us by August 1st, 2011 so that we can coordinate on groups and projects before the conference begins. (If you miss this deadline, we may be able to find a spot.)

Our goal is to provide an environment for community and PKP team members to have a social, productive and fun exchange of ideas, code, and contacts. Prizes will be awarded.