and the Public Knowledge Project : Propositions to collaborate

Marin Dacos

Abstract and the PKP were born approximately at the same period. The two projects were different to their approach of scientific electronic publishing. was national, exclusively humanities and social sciences, semi-centralized on a plateform, and focused since the first moment on document conversion and customization of templates (the project developped its own CMS : Lodel). PKP was international, open to all sciences and fully decentralized. Today, the two projects converge : extends outside France, PKP works on document conversion, as an example. team explores two leads on which we the two projects may work together

1. Manuscript management tool : we intend to use Open Journal System for its workflow management functions (and not publishing ones, managed by Lodel). For a full efficient use of theses functions, users need a new interface, redesigned and more ergonomic. We wrote specifications that PKP team can use for its work. Secondly, we are working on an ojs-lodel connector allowing journals to use the two systems jointly

2. Document conversion : we are working  on a new version of our document conversion server. Named OTX, the server can take doc, rtf, docx, sxw, odt, and convert it to xml tei P5, xhtm and maybe epub. This effort is parrallel with pkp's on Lemon8 server and some part of it could be mutualized.