Ibero-American Systems for the Dissemination of Scholarly Journals: A Contribution to Public Knowledge Worldwide

Ana Maria Cetto, Octavio Alonso, Saray Córdoba

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A vast amount of scholarly journals are edited in the countries of Latin America and the Iberian Peninsula, altogether providing a rich picture of the scientific production in these countries. However, these journals have traditionally not been part of the international mainstream. Different solutions have been sought to increase their access and visibility, using both existing information systems and developing new systems tailored to the needs of the region.

A detailed analysis is made of the presence of Ibero-American journals in the international information scene, and of the efforts to increase their visibility by editors and publishing institutions. Further, an account is presented of the major online information systems developed in the region. The main features of these systems are discussed (including search facilities and free access to journal contents), and how they have influenced editorial practices throughout the region.

Some conclusions are drawn on the challenges that Ibero-American journals face as they seek to strengthen their presence in the international scene.