Making a university library a real support for research dissemination: the contribution of OJS and OCS

Sely M. S. Costa

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Based on a scholarly communication model that takes account of open access principles, this paper discusses the role that an academic library can play as a fundamental support to research dissemination. As a pilot for an entire developing country, the work reported refers to a proposal that focus on the idea of taking the most advantadge of both OJS and, particularly, OCS, to introduce an innovative view of the library role in the process of disseminating research within a university environment. The paper describes a proposal that aims at integrating PKP resources and a few other technology tools in a dissemination model that can improve the visibility of the library itself within the university community, as well as the visibility of the university totality of academic outputs into the world.


Academic libraries; Research dissemination; Scholarly communication process; Open access; OCS; OJS;