Importing Backissues into OJS: Development of an OJS Import Script with Django

Syd Weidman

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Using the standard submission interface to add back issues into OJS is far too cumbersome and time-consuming and yields poor and invalid metadata.  To this end, the Systems Supervisor at the University of Winnipeg, Syd Weidman, has developed an interface using Django (“a high-level Python Web framework that encourages rapid development and clean, pragmatic design” see entering the appropriate metadata in a form-based system that generates a valid XML import script that OJS requires for importing back issues.  Development of this interface has been critical to getting journal stakeholders to participate in the Synergies initiative, especially for those journals, which have many previous issues to add online.  Most journals have neither the resources to commit for ushering each previously published article through one-by-one nor the talent to create a valid XML script (an extremely cumbersome undertaking for anyone who has tried).  In the interest of Open Access and the hope of making OJS more appealing to journal stakeholders who want to get old backruns online, this project has been released as an Open Source application (see  Attend this session and learn more about the development of this Django application and the context for progress.