On Open Humanities Press: A panel presentation by members of the OHP Steering Group

Gary Hall, Barbara Cohen

Full Text: Cohen Presentation  |  Hall Presentation  |  VIDEO


Open Humanities Press is an open access scholar-led publishing initiative that launched last year with 7 journals (now 10), many of which use, or are in the process of migrating to, PKP's Open Journals Systems. A virtual, distributed "press", OHP is now partnering with university libraries to explore the shapes the book-length argument might take when produced by Web 2.0 communities of scholars and scholar/librarians. PKP's new Open Monograph Press software, currently under development, will enable the OHP community to pursue purely scholarly objectives in the form of open, cross-institutional, multidisciplinary and international collaborations. This presentation by members of the OHP Steering Group describes the history of our project, our goals and vision, as well as plans for outreach, for the next generation of scholarly communication.


open access; monographs; humanities