Who knows what, when? Current and desired capacities for online journal statistics gathering and dissemination

Andrea Kosavic, James MacGregor


As part of the national Synergies project, the Statistics Working Group was formed to investigate current statistical reporting mechanisms used by participating institutions; to research online journal-specific reporting needs; and to form a common model for statistical reporting across Canada. The working group conducted an informal comparison on the statistics-gathering range of Open Journal Systems, Open Conference Systems and the √Črudit Consortium publishing platform (who in fact use Awstats for their statistical gathering). This research gave a broad overview of what your typical managing editor could expect to harvest, numbers-wise, for passing on to interested parties. Canadian and international scholarly journal stakeholders were then surveyed to obtain a better understanding of their needs. Information was gathered about types of hosting arrangements, platforms and software, and open access status of the surveyed journals. Respondents were asked about desired types of statistics captured, preferred groupings, and preferred harvesting frequency. Dissemination methods were also surveyed. Finally, respondents were asked about their level of satisfaction with current available tools. Using survey findings, this session will describe the current statistics landscape for scholarly journals. The international scope of the survey will enable us to compare and contrast Canadian statistical requirements with those of international respondents. Current areas of strength will be discussed along with potential areas for future developments.


Statistics; Statistical analysis; Open Journal Systems; Open Conference Systems; √Črudit