Customizing OJS for Magazine Publishers

John Maxwell


In partnership with the BC Association of Magazine Publishers, SFU's Canadian Centre for Studies in Publishing have been working on an adaptation of OJS for publishers of small cultural magazines. In an effort to both streamline the OJS interface—thereby improving usability for our target audience—and to re-cast much of OJS' vocabulary and key interface metaphors, we have begun an iterative process of development and testing aimed at the adoption of this software among the community of BC magazine publishers. The needs of this community of users differs in a wide variety of ways from the standard OJS has set in scholarly publishing, and as such the details of making OJS make sense to a very different audience have been challenging and informative. Currently testing with two BC-based literary magazines, the OMMM project is an experiment in bridging cultures—both in terms of academic vs. trade publications, but also of varying degrees of perceived empowerment vis a vis software. This presentation will report on the details of our adaptation efforts as well as the lessons we have learned from presenting OJS to a literary community.


OJS; OMMM; SFU; Magazines