Critical Mass is Critical – Creating Sustainable Scholarly Communication

Gregg Gordon

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In this changing world of scholarly authority, each slice of the scholarly communication spectrum plays an important role. Creating content is no longer a concern. There is an abundance, in fact an overabundance of scholarly research and other information, and scarcity is not the issue.

The issue is creating a model for producing, sharing, and maintaining scholarly communications through communities that are sustainable and enhance innovative research by other scientists. Online communities with significant value to the widest array of users provide a basis for sustainability. Scholarly communities, based on an interdisciplinary approach, encourage innovative research. Sustainability and innovative research are critical to providing the broadest spectrum of scholarly communication to the greatest number of users. Providing access to epic amounts of content is not enough, the communities also need to increase the efficient use of the content and provide user focused tools that allow the scientists to be the most efficient and effective in their research activities.

Using data from the Social Science Research Network (SSRN) and other sources, this presentation will offer a model for creating a sustainable online community that establishes scholarly authority.


scholarly communication; sustainability; research; SSRN