Open Access CIM Journal Publishing: Editorial Essentials for Policies and Procedures

Glenn M. Hymel, EdD, LMT

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This presentation addresses the recent development and launch of an OJS-driven journal in the area of complementary and integrative medicine (CIM).  More specifically, the focus is on those essential considerations from a journal editor's perspective that relate to policy formulation and procedural decision making in the context of open access publishing.

The catalyst for this effort has been the acknowledged need in the massage/bodywork and related CIM professions for a scholarly journal in which researchers, educators, and practitioners might disseminate the results of their professional efforts. Another motivating factor has been the conviction that generating such a publishing forum must allow for reader and contributing author access unimpeded by the usual economic, geographic, and resource constraints so prevalent in many currently available print and electronic professional journals.

The principal themes in this paper considered from an editor's perspective relate to the following as far as policy determination and procedural guidelines are concerned: (a) prevailing objective/focus of the publication as a reflection of the sponsoring organization's nature and mission; (b) intended scope of content coverage; (c) requisite personnel for operational and advisory functions; (d) stylistic publishing requirements; (e) specifications for manuscript preparation and online submission; (f) nature of the peer-review process; (g) publication cycle/frequency; (h) copyright considerations; and (i) evaluative criteria for determining the journal's impact and progress.

The predominant outcome of this presentation is an editor-based characterization of the planning, development, implementation and evaluative efforts resulting in the International Journal of Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork: Research, Education, & Practice (IJTMB). Reflective of the open access publishing movement, this account of a newly-formed health science journal ( provides a potential model that may guide colleagues across diverse professions and disciplines who are considering a similar publishing initiative.


Journal Editorship; Open Access; CIM Publishing; Journal Policies/Procedures