Public Knowledge and Knowledge Mobilization: Social Sciences and Humanities Research Funding Policy in Canada, 1979-2009

Johanne Provençal

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The author discusses key documents/messages released by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) of Canada, noting both changes and consistencies in SSHRC’s messages on the importance and value of social sciences and humanities research in reaching society at large and in helping to address societal problems. In particular, documents/messages released by SSHRC from 2005 onward place focus on “knowledge mobilization” as a priority for funded social sciences and humanities research. The author discusses the opportunities and challenges that such changing priorities present to faculty and administration in higher education, which include but are not limited to issues such as changing conceptualizations of faculty activities; tenure and promotion policies; and changed expectations for the next generation of social sciences and humanities researchers and scholars in Canada and internationally.


knowledge mobilization; public knowledge; research funding policy; social sciences and humanities research; higher education; Canada.