Being an Open Access Press - the first two years

Frits Pannekoek, Walter Hildebrandt, Kathy Killoh, Shubhash Wasti

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Establishing a scholarly press in the twenty-first century is a daunting task.  Going against the grain, and creating an Open Access Scholarly Press where each publication is readily available online for free, is even a greater undertaking.  As pioneers of this initiative, we have spent two years blazing our path and finding our way to significant success with four award winning books and 20 publications in our first year.  Why did we embark on this initiative?  What is the business model used to produce both costly print books and freely accessible e-publications?  What has been the response from authors, readers and other conventional university presses?  How do we deal with author contracts, royalties, e-aggregators and copyright issues?  This presentation will detail our journey, from the infancy of Athabasca University Press to the successes we have achieved in such a short time.



open access, press, e publishing, AU Press, Athabasca University Press