Publishing Freedom of Information: The Open Government Records Plugin for OJS

Mark Weiler

Full Text: Presentation


In this presentation, I demonstrate a new plugin for OJS that allows journals to publish freedom of information requests.  The plugin, named Open Government Records (OGR), offers users features that allow them to make, track, store, and publish freedom of information requests as well as the records disclosed by government bodies.   Intended primarily as a research technology, OGR gives scholars and academics a way to access government materials. A working example of OGR will be demonstrated. I also provide a case study of how OGR is being used to inform the field of education and curriculum studies. In this case study, I use OGR to document curricular and learning programs that government bodies design for our public servants. An installation of Open Government Records can be found here:


freedom of information; access to information; publishing; open journal system; open government records