Networkshop - Librarians/Information Specialists

Brian Owen, Kevin Stranack, Mark Jordan

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This session is intended for librarians and other information specialists who may be considering a more proactive role in directly supporting scholarly journals and the associated publishing platforms. It will address the following practical concerns and topical issues:

  • The role of libraries in supporting and developing emerging or alternate forms of scholarly communication, e.g. the library as publisher, implications for collections budgets and policies;
  • Incorporating and supporting open access publications as part of current collections and related services;
  • Using PKP software and related open source tools in libraries, .e.g "best practices" or case studies.

This "Networkshop" will be introduced by John Willinsky, the founder and director of PKP, and will include brief overviews by the core PKP team of the entire PKP software suite: OJS, OCS, OAI Metadata Harvester, L8X, and OMP. Special attention will be paid to PKP's newest software modules - L8X and OMP - and the modularization of the PKP platform.