Networkshop - Software Developers/Technical Experts

PKP Team Developers


This session is targeted for developers, systems administrators and technical staff who are responsible for installing and maintaining OJS and other PKP software systems. It will cover the following topics:

* Understanding and working with PKP software and its "plug-in" architecture, including a practical overview of the daily operational requirements
* Sharing tips and techniques to optimize your local system, improve security, and manage software upgrades;
* Building a PKP developers' community including software contributions and collaborative projects;

This "Networkshop" will be introduced by John Willinsky, the founder and director of PKP, and will include brief overviews by the core PKP team of the entire PKP software suite: OJS, OCS, OAI Metadata Harvester, L8X, and OMP. Special attention will be paid to PKP's newest software modules - L8X and OMP - and the modularization of the PKP platform.