Building Content and Community: Digital Publishing Services at the University of Kansas

Brian Rosenblum, Scott Hanrath


This presentation will provide an overview of both the technical and programmatic aspects of the Digital Publishing program at University of Kansas.

Launched in late 2007 as an initiative of KU Information Services (Libraries and IT), KU's Digital Publishing Services provides support to the KU community for the design, management and distribution of online publications, including journals, conference proceedings, monographs, and other scholarly content. Through consulting, training and outreach activities, the program also helps monitor and address campus concerns and questions about electronic publishing and larger scholarly communication issues. We support several software platforms, including OJS, DSpace and XTF (in development) to publish content in different formats, and we currently have several publications online, with a number of other projects in development.

On the technical side, we will discuss our assessment of journal publishing software, and our experience with supporting and customizing OJS.

On the programmatic side, we will discuss our initial pilot journal projects, and describe our efforts at content recruitment and building a campus community of interest around scholarly publishing. We will also discuss publishing services as an emerging role for academic libraries, and address issues related to building and sustaining such a service with limited resources.


electronic publishing; academic libraries; OJS