PKP Open Archives Harvester for the veterinarian academic community

Astrid van Wesenbeeck, Martin van Luijt

Full Text: Presentation


After good experiences with OJS, Utrecht University Library has chosen for using the PKP Open Archives Harvester for developing a new library service; the open access subject repository. This repository will collect data in this field from relevant academic repositories, using OAI-PMH as the harvest-protocol. In January 2008 we have started a pilot to explore possibilities for this library service. The pilot is limited to one specific subject field and is called "Vet Repository : the open access subject repository for veterinarian sciences & medicine". In this pilot we have investigated the following aspects: - how to target for the right audience - how can we connect to the libraries to get the content for our subject repository; what is the repository landscape for harvesting? (OAI PMH harvesting works well, but there is no quantity and metadata quality is poor) - can we create win-win situations where we cooperate with libraries to improve quantity and quality of their repository by giving their users a useful product that provides an incentive to deposit their work in the repository. - what are the requirements for the user portal and what will be the architecture of the user product? (PKP / metadata filter / autonomy for searching / user interface) In this presentation we wish to focus on the project set up, on the main issues we encountered and on the solutions we have been trying to incorporate.


subject repository harvesting metadata oai-pmh