Sponsorship Opportunities

About the Conference
The Fourth International PKP Scholarly Publishing Conference will provide a significant opportunity to anyone nvolved with the rapidly changing world of scholarly publishing and communications. The Conference will allow participants to learn about recent innovations, share experiences, exchange ideas, and plan for the future.

Who will be there
The Conference will attract participants from all over the world, including researchers, publishers, developers, editors, and librarians. Given that this is the first time we host the conference in Latin America, we expect an especially strong turnout from the region. The Conference Committee anticipates about 400 registrants for this event with interests in new publishing technologies, emerging policy initiatives, changing funding opportunities, and more.

Opportunities for your organization
Our event represents an important opportunity for your organization to highlight its products and services, to associate its brand with innovation and technological advancement, and to deepen its visibility to a wide range of stakeholders, leaders and decision makers in the publishing community. Sponsorship represents a valuable opportunity for your organization to demonstrate its active participation in the international effort to build a sustainable publishing environment and to position your organization as a leader and innovator.

Sponsorship options
We offer various sponsorship options like placing your logo in a central position on our conference web site, adding your flyer to our conference folder, placing your banner in the conference hall. Booking a complete sponsorship package or combining a subset of several options is also possible. We will also consider other types of sponsorships beyond the list provided below:

  • Your logo in a central position on our conference web site plus a short description of your organization (2000 USD).
  • Your banner (length 2m) in the entrance hall (600 USD).
  • Your logo on our poster, conference folder and flyer (600 USD).
  • Your own flyer/brochure in our conference folder (flyer: 400 USD,
  • brochure: 600 USD).
  • Complete sponsorship package [all of the above, plus! one free registration]: 4000 USD).

We are also looking to make the conference more inclusive by providing travel grants to delegates from developing countries. Help us bring a delegate from a developing country by pledging 2000 USD.

Financial contributions at any level would assist us with conference kits and other costs associated with a conference of this magnitude. If you have any particular sponsorship requirements, we would be happy to discuss them with you. In addition, in-kind support such as pens, paper, mouse pads, small calendar, date books, magnets, chocolates, etc. would also be very welcome. All contributions will be recognized by the conference organizing committee.

To find out more about the conference and sponsorship opportunities, or to pledge your support please contact us.