Indian biomedical journals and Open Access: a case study at Indian Medlars Centre (IMC), New Delhi, India

Naina Pandita, Govt. of India, National Informatics Centre; Sukhdev Singh, Govt. of India, National Informatics Centre


The paper briefly describes the “free access” services of the 17th International Medlars Centre (Indian Medlars Centre – IMC) and highlights the transition of these service to an “open access’ mode. IMC offers the medical professionals with free access to peer reviewed Indian biomedical journals through its databases, IndMED and medIND. IndMED, a bibliographic database of over 70 peer reviewed journals and its full-text version, medIND provides the professionals with an one-point access to Indian biomedical literature. IMC’s OpenMED@NIC archive ( is the 1st phase of the transition to “open access”. The paper then highlights issues for adopting Open Journal System (OJS) for medIND ( that was evolved as an extension to IndMED to provide full-text “free access” through bibliographic information where ever possible. The database was designed to facilitate cross linking with IndMED and to retain this design in OJS various issues have to be resolved. These issues have been discussed in the paper and these primarily are involvement and training of journal staff; file organisation and naming policy that is being followed; medIND site design; content page layout; browsing and searching along with implication on IndMED database and cross linking.