The State of Acquisition, Organization and Use of Open Access Information Resources in Cameroon University Libraries: The Case of the University of Buea and University of Yaounde I Libraries.

Charles Kiven Wirsiy

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The concept of Open Access Informationation Resources is relatively new in Cameroon's Higher Education landscape but it is gradually taking root especially as far as university and research libraries are concerned.

In this paper we attempt an overview of the acquisition, organization and use of Open Access Information Resources in two of Cameroon's prominent Universities (Buea and Yaounde I) and the problems and prospects for their effective and optimal use.

The paper explores the state of Cameroon's University Libraries within the context of rapid change in information and communication technologies and the evolving nature of information resources media and their impact in information literacy and management in these two university libraries.

The state of acquisition, organization and use of Open Access resources will be discussed, paying particular regard to problems already encountered and the ones envisaged.

We will then look at the way forward especially the prospects Open Access Information resources have for Cameroon's Academic and Research libraries and their users especially in the area of scholarly communication.

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