The role of Vietnamese governmental libraries in supporting and developing emerging or alternate forms of scholarly communication

*Hoang Kim Dung, Le Thuy Duong


The vision and mission of governments libraries and information centers or research institutions is to contribute information and knowledge for communities. These organizations have been computerizing their books, journal and research documents since 1980s. The National Center for Scientific and Technological Information (NACESTI) is one of them.
The vision and mission of NACESTI is to contribute information and knowledge for communities. NACESTI has been computerizing the books and journals available at its library since 1987 (OPAC) for facilitating user access. This is the biggest library of science and technology (S&T) in Vietnam. Information users can online access its services. In recent years, NACESTI have been setting Vietnam Information for Science and Technology Advance (, a nationwide network on S&T. VISTA is an S&T information portal of government. With raising progresses of digital age and growing strongly of open access movement to all over the world, NACESTI has been changing policy to service their users. But in general, open access movement in Vietnam is initial step now.
Firstly, there is a collection and the database of Vietnamese S&T journals in the NACESTI. It is nearly 200 titles of Vietnamese S&T journals and conference documents. Before the year 2003 NACESTI used CSD/ISIS to manage bibliography Vietnamese S&T journals database. To satisfy the users need, NACESTI has been changing this database to fulltex database in using open software since 2003) for facilitating user access, especially for the research communities. But it is raising disadvantages for NACESTI: such as copyright concerns, finance problem, the technical support and professional experts, barrier of language also. So in the nearest future NACESTI is planning to dissemination this database for research communities by finding the ways to solve those problems.
The second once, there are two printed abstract Journals of Vietnamese S&T documentation. They are published in Vietnamese and English languages. The abstract Journal in Vietnamese language (ISSN 0866-7764) is monthly published. The abstract Journal in English language (ISSN 0866-7748) is bimonthly published. Those Journals are important for the researchers, students, leaders, managers and information users but until now they can not online access. NACESTI is planning to improve the quality of those journals and make them to be come accessible online journals.
Thirdly, in fact Open Journal is face to some barriers to develop: such as the finance support, the copyright concern, the professional experts, and language. Last year, there was an experimental project of Vietnam Open Journals (VOJ), sponsoring by INASP. The host of VOJ is Vietnamese Social Science Institute. They are planning to continuous and develop Open Journal available at their institute.
Finally, to over come all those disadvantage the role of NACESTI in supporting and developing emerging scholarly communication is very important. NACESTI have to find the right way to promote scholarly communication to share and discuss innovative work in scholarly publishing journals to improve access to Vietnamese research communities. Attending the PKP Conference it will be the best chance for NACESTI to discuss and to gain more experiences about scholarly communication from PKP Conference and also other participants. It will be able to promote sharing and discussing innovative work in scholarly publishing and introducing PKP to Vietnamese research community, information users and sharing the public knowledge, which will be obtain to NACESTI.

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