Multicultural Canada:  Our Diverse Heritage
    Multicultural Canada: Our Diverse Heritage
Held at   Simon Fraser University
 Harbour Centre
 515 West Hastings Street
 Vancouver, B.C., Canada
 V6B 5K3
May 31 - June 2, 2006
Libraries and archives have worked with individuals, governments and ethnic communities in Canada to collect and preserve the historical record of their experience. The Multicultural Canada Project is committed to making historical records widely available by working collaboratively with institutions, governments and individuals to digitize these materials. The Project will create powerful new learning opportunities for Canadian students and citizens, preserve a wealth of unique and fragile materials for historians and scholars, and help define the story of these groups as essential to the history of Canada.

The Multicultural Canada Partners include Simon Fraser University, University of Calgary, the Sien Lok Society of Calgary, the Multicultural History Society of Ontario, University of Toronto, University of Victoria, and the Vancouver Public Library amongst others.

The conference is intended to showcase the Multicultural Canada Project and its current activities and to invite others to join this collaborative effort.
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