m-Libraries Conference 2009, Second International m-libraries Conference

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Enhancing Library Access through the use of Mobile Technology: Case Study of Information Services Provided by Six Mobile Companies in Bangladesh

Nafiz Zaman Shuva

Last modified: 2009-06-18


While mobile technology is generously available in Bangladesh, as in many other developing countries, innovations in its use for library and information centre service development have been surprisingly not started yet. This paper explores the prospects of using mobile technologies for information services in Bangladesh. The researcher explores the existing information services of six mobile phone companies of Bangladesh using mobile technology. This paper shows the current status of information technology at the various library and information centres of Bangladesh. The researcher attempts to identify the constraints that impede the gradual development of technology based information services of library and information centres in Bangladesh.  Finally the researcher offers recommendations as to how mobile technologies may be used effectively in designing various information services and satisfying information needs of variant users.



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