m-Libraries Conference 2009, Second International m-libraries Conference

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Service Models for Information Therapy Services delivered to mobiles

Vahideh Gavgani

Last modified: 2009-07-03


Background and objective: Modern healthcare system with Information Therapy and Patient Centered Medicine Approaches has given rise to the demand for real time evidence based health information at the point of care. Physicians and patients equally need the right information at the right time to make a right decision about health problem. However, access to the right information at the point of care is not ensured by the existing library and information services in developing countries, where the access to the internet itself is impossible for most of the isolated and non wired communities. The study aimed at presenting a Service Model for Information Therapy Service delivered to Mobiles in developing countries in general and India and Iran in particular.

Methodology: Considering the nature of an original article, experience of the author, as a medical librarian and a faculty member in Library & Information Science, and her observation of the needs, problems and prospects, played an important role in forming the idea and presentation. The study also used secondary data collected from related literatures

Conclusion: Localization is a considerable element in any successful global program/approach. Patient Safety as a worldwide problem and Information Therapy as a patient centered approach in health care and health information delivery service would be rendered seeing the socio-cultural aspects and IT infrastructures of the targeted population. Proposed models will provide the right service models for clinical/ medical libraries in developing countries like India and Iran, to health information service to physician and patients in moment of care.

Keywords: Information Therapy, Library service, Mobile, SmartPhone, clinical/medical library.

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