m-Libraries Conference 2009, Second International m-libraries Conference

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UCLA and Yale Science Libraries Data on Cyberlearning and Reference Services via Mobile Devices

Alison Armstrong, Michelle Jacobs, Joe Murphy, Brena Smith

Last modified: 2009-06-26


Cell phones and other mobile devices are ubiquitous and offer increasingly robust operating systems, user interfaces, and hardware sophistication. The potential of these devices for accessing the richness of library and information content, services, and applications provided is largely unrealized. At UCLA we have begun exploring the possibility of incorporating reference services and cyberlearning through Text Message Reference. UCLA is conducting a one-year study to explore how text messaging can change the landscape of traditional reference and reach our users where they are. Yale Science Libraries have been working with Text Message Reference for over a year through the use of single iPhone. This presentation will look at the challenges and success of the two programs and future applications of SMS to reference services.

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