m-Libraries Conference 2009, Second International m-libraries Conference

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UK Academic Library Users' expectations of m-library services

Keren Mills

Last modified: 2009-06-22


Reporting on a three month research project undertaken as part of the
Arcadia Fellowship at Cambridge University, this presentation will
discuss the responses of library users to a short online survey about
how they use information on the move. The survey of was carried out at
both the Open and Cambridge universities, asking respondents about their
current use of mobile information services such as text alerts, use of
SMS reference services, such as Any Questions Answered, and use of the
mobile internet. Data from this survey was then used to extrapolate
trends which indicate likely uptake if libraries were to offer similar
services. Only at the end of the survey were respondents asked questions
specifically about library services. The aim was to develop a clear
picture of the types of mobile information services users consider to be
useful in order to inform development of m-library services for academic
libraries. The presentation will include an analysis of mobile network
services in the UK with regard to the cost and availability of mobile
broadband, and the cost to institutions of sending group or individual
text messages.

The project will deliver service models for both campus-based and
distance learning academic libraries in addition to a website making the
methodology and results from the project available to other UK Academic
Libraries, and allowing them to input their own data and analysis if
they choose to run the questionnaire with their own students.

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