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Book Clubs as Opportunities for Reflective Practice and Energizing Community for Ethical Leaders in Education
Elan Paulson
Conceptualizing employability for PhD graduates: An understanding of academic mobility and cultural capital within the discipline of higher education.
Kevin Graham
Begin at the beginning: Long-term faculty development
Cynthia Korpan
From margins to centre through education: Exploring the education needs of victims of torture and political oppression.
Jaswant Kaur Bajwa
Getting to University: Students’ and Institutions’ Aspirations
Ruth A Childs
A conceptual basis for coalition formation in doctoral education: Core concepts and theoretical frameworks
Christine Marie Isselhard
What Role Do Faculty Subcultures Play in Shaping Campus Culture and Student Success?
Christine Helen Arnold, Kathleen A. Moore, Tricia Seifert
Universal Design Principals in Graduate Education
Anuya Pai, Emily Duffett, Nicole Gibson, Ainsley R. Latour, Chelsea E. Mohler, Mahadeo A. Sukhai
It is a ‘different’ world: Immigrant students from Jamaica encountering postsecondary education in Canada
Paula DaCosta
No Longer a ‘Consolation Prize’: Embracing Alternative Academic (Alt-Ac) Opportunities
Jacqueline L Beres
Employees, Students, or Both? The Precarious Ethical Positions of Graduate Research Assistants
Michelle K. McGinn
Mental Health Disabilities and Well-Being in Graduate Education
Nicole Gibson, Shelley Clayton, Mervyn Horgan, Emily Duffett, Ainsley R. Latour, Anuya Pai, Chelsea E. Mohler, Mahadeo A. Sukhai
Energizing Relationships: Learning from Indigenous doctoral students’ and faculty experiences of supervision and mentorship
Amy M Parent
Against "Impact" in the University
Dennis Desroches
The Logics of Business and the Logics of Post-Secondary Education: Neoliberal Policies in Canadian National and Provincial Policy
Ariadna Isabel López Damián, Raquel Monique Rall, John S. Levin, Marie Christine Martin, Tiffany Viggiano
Crisis of Identity? New Universities in Canada
Marie Christine Martin, John S. Levin, Ariadna Isabel Lopez Damian, Tiffany Viggiano, Raquel Monique Rall
Mixed Methods for Higher Education Research: Opportunities and Challenges
Erika E Smith
Creating a culture of academic integrity: a case study
Alyson King
The Role of Expectations in Shaping Research Policy: A Historic Case Study of Genome Canada
Margaret A Lemay
Micro-credentialing in Professional Learning Development in Higher Education
Gabrielle Ellen Lindstrom
Supporting Instructors’ Efforts to Assess the Impact of New Course Designs or Re-designs
Lannie Kanevsky, Cheryl Amundsen
Implications of league tables for the ‘shape’ of higher education. Evidence from the academic ranking of world class universities.
Gavin Moodie
Hard Working Hope: Learner Success and Faculty Renewal
Linda Pardy
Indigenous university students: Patterns in demographics, academic progression, and persistence
Lori Wallace, Rod Lastra
Successful, sunny, and smiling: The misleading ways that student life and faculty are represented through Canadian university Twitter accounts.
George Veletsianos, Royce Kimmons, Ashley Shaw
Teaching Development Through Formative Feedback
Cheryl Lynne Jeffs
Quick, slow, and stagnant mobility: Higher education and occupational prestige over the life course
Ashley Pullman, Lesley Andres
Cultivating Desert Roses in the Arabian Peninsula: Practicing Multiplicity in the Visual Arts Teaching Portfolio
Lisa Hendrickson R, Dr. Karima Hussein Hemida
Expectations and realities of learning outcomes policies in higher education quality assurance
Mary Catharine Lennon
Shaping the Consciousness of the Professoriate
Rahul Kumar, Coral Mitchell
Cognitive empathy: Defining its role in social justice, intercultural, and peace education
Brett Pardy
Profiling low-income mature students in Canadian post-secondary institutions
Victoria A Fritz, Tricia M van Rhijn
A Critical Policy Discourse Analysis of Vocational Education In Ontario
Ramjeet Persaud Harinarain
Leading teaching excellence in professional and vocational education (PVE)
Annemarieke Hoekstra, Ewa Wasniewski, Paul Newton
Identifying issues on the journey to tenure
Victoria Handford, Timothy Sibbald
From Undergraduate Music Degree to Employment: Recent Graduates’ Perceptions of Learning Transfer
Sue Fostaty Young, Julia Brook
Workload Creep: An Environmental Scan of Faculty Workload at Canadian Faculties of Education
Sandra Kouritzin, Robert Mizzi, Joanna Black, Orest Cap, Karen Smith
Hiring Practices of Sessional Faculty in Canadian Universities
Cynthia Field
Democratizing Policies and Programs: Ensuring Equity for College Transfer Students
Megan Cotnam-Kappel, Sylvie Lamoureux
Witnessing sustainable well-being in the Finnish educational model: Lived experience from two pre-service teachers’ studying abroad
Chris L. Yuen, Riikka Alanen, Elizabeth Wright, Mark Brown
“Cheaper than therapy”: The unexpected benefits and challenges of an academic writing group
Karen Julien, Jacqueline L Beres
Instructor Professional Learning in Professional and Vocational Education
Annemarieke Hoekstra, Paul M Newton
Colleges, Culture and Leadership
Lane D. Trotter

Blended and Online Teaching & Learning

Student2Scholar: Academic Literacies and Research Skills for Graduate Students Learning Modules
Elan Paulson, Colin Couchman
Social Media Technologies in Undergraduate Learning: Are Students in the Health Sciences Unique?
Erika E Smith
Enhancing Student Engagement in an Online Doctoral Research Methods Course: An Applied Ethnographic Study
Gale Parchoma, Marlon Simmons, Michele Jacobsen, Dorothea Nelson, Shaily Bhola
Faculty perspectives on teaching with new technology
Martha Cleveland-Innes
The Quest for the Finest Blends of Text and Voice in Online Graduate Education: Establishing a Canadian Research Agenda
Gale Parchoma, Michael Power, Jay Wilson, Marlon Simmons, Marguerite Koole, Sawsen Lakhal, Jennifer Lock
Community of Inquiry Framework: New Directions and Research Opportunities
Norman Vaughan
From concept to implementation: Tracing meaning in a blended learning development project
Wendy Freeman, Monica Batac
Putting online and blended learning in line with institutional strategy: Policy, practice, and research
Kathleen Matheos, Marti Cleveland-Innes, Heather Kanuka, Alan Davis
Learning to Learn Online: Experiences of novice learners in a high quality MOOC.
Nathaniel Ostashewski, Marti Cleveland-Innes, Nancy Parker
Distance education in Quebec colleges
Sawsen Lakhal
Large Classes: Moving beyond the Barriers to Quality Learning and the Role of Digital Media
Heather Kanuka

Student Services

The meaning of job-readiness to some employers: A Hermeneutic phenomenological study
Kate J. Cassidy
The Critical-Democratic University Space: Citizenship and Student Engagement
Marc Gurrisi
Providing Opportunities: Enlightening and Expanding STEM Gradate Students Knowledge Base
Christine Marie Isselhard, Marcella Lambrecht
Resiliency Training Helps Post-Secondary Students with Mild to Moderate Depression and Anxiety?
Jennifer E Thannhauser, Sharon L Cairns, Russell Thomson
Making the Leap: The Impact of Summer Transition Programs on Students with Learning Disabilities Transitioning from High School to University
Diliana Peregrina-Kretz
The Student Engagement Partnership Triangle.
Michael John Barrett
Reflexivity and Visual Analysis Engage Creative Learners in Higher Education
Bernie Murray
poetic forms in universities as research therapy
Yolanda Palmer-Clarke
Epistemic Injustices Against Marginalized Students in Their Access of Services for their Identity Group
Melanie Carroll
Enhancing the Participation of Students with Disabilities in Canadian Graduate Education: Findings and Recommendations of the NEADS National Graduate Experience Taskforce
Mahadeo Sukhai
The role of health services in dealing with mental health issues in higher education
Hany Soliman
From Admission to Graduation: Supporting Specific Subpopulations of Postsecondary Students
Kathleen A. Moore, Christine Helen Arnold, Mahadeo A. Sukhai, Stephanie J. Waterman
Understanding of the international graduate student experience
Yolanda Palmer
A Review of Native American/First Nations Student Affairs Units Mission Statements
Stephanie Waterman, Kathleen A. Moore
Co-Curricular Records as New Frontiers of Credentialism
Laura Servage
Self-assessment of student services: a case study
Alexandre Beaupré Lavallee
Just don't do it: Recognizing the differences between American and Canadian Student Affairs and Services
Shermin Murji
Counsellor-in-Residence: Evaluation of a residence-based initiative to promote student mental health
Tiffany Beks, Serena Smygwaty, Ana Miranda, Sheldon Hill
Why do Post-Secondary Students Go to Counselling? Has this Changed over the Last 10 Years?
Sharon L. Cairns, Marcus Kupila
Academic Advising in the Canadian Context
Linda Pardy
StrengthsQuest at the University of Calgary: Evaluation of a strengths-based student intervention
Leah Beech, Tiffany Beks, Sharon Cairns, Shannon Loewen, Jelena Radan
Constructive Academic Advising
Craig Cameron
Living the Curriculum Review: More than a Report
Jennifer Lock, Laurie Hill, Patti Dyjur

International Higher Education

Exploring Academic Mobility Across the 49th Parallel: Promoting dialogue between Canada and the US
Bryan Gopaul
Comparative analysis of causal mechanisms and regulation of the ethno-social conflicts in academe: Cases of Russia and Ukraine, Canada and USA.
Andrey Rezaev
Working for the internationalizing campus: Staff as ‘third space professionals’
Kumari Beck, Chelsey Laird
Engaging with tradition? Connecting universities' founding missions to their current levels of engagement with their local communities: a comparative study of England and Ontario, Canada
Emma Sabzalieva
A Study of Internationalized Classrooms From Instructors’ Perspectives: Challenges and Needed Supports
Laura Autumn Servage, Li Mao, Duston Moore
International Student Access in North America
Tiffany Viggiano
Building a Norm of Internationalization: The Case of Estonia’s Higher Education System
Merli Tamtik
Risks and Rewards of Exporting University Business Programs
Ruth McKay, Randy Appel
Global Citizenship at Canadian Universities
Roberta Lexier, Melanie Rathburn
International student mobility and public policy: lessons for the Canadian provinces
Creso Sá, Emma Sabzalieva
Cultivating global mindedness scholars: Reflections on designing and engaging in a collaborative international doctoral research seminar series.
Janet Groen, Jin Xin, Karen Dooley, Sylvie Roy, Mary Ryan
The Ethics of Internationalization in Canada and Beyond: Empirical Findings and Conceptual Insights
Sharon Stein, Vanessa Andreotti
From high school to graduation and beyond: Pathways of young immigrants in a Toronto college
Ursula R McCloy, Mitchell Steffler, Henry Decock
Negotiating the imperialistic tendencies of internationalization: Initiating dialogues between Canadian and Brazilian higher education
Sharon Stein, Simone Sarmento, Elisa S. Thiago, Vanessa Andreotti
Freedom with restrictions? Academic freedom at international branch campuses in China
Jing Xiao


Improving leadership education
Kanina Blanchard
Higher education policy coordination in federal systems: A comparative approach to problems of governance
Jens Jungblut, Deanna Rexe
Elite Interviewing: Lessons from Fieldwork in Policy Research
Deanna Rexe
Deans as Advertised: A Content Analysis of Academic Deans’ Job Announcements by Canadian Universities from 2011 through 2015
Eric Lavigne
Universities and Provincial Policies for Technology Entrepreneurship
Creso Sá, Arif Mahmood Toor
Examining strategic planning processes in Student Affairs
Shermin Murji
Journey Into Academic University Administration
Laurie-ann M Hellsten, Lemisko Lynn
A framework for decision making in credit transfer and pathway articulation agreements
Mary Catharine Lennon
Energizing Higher Education Policy Research: Unpacking Actors and Institutions in the Policy Process
Deanna Rexe
Achieving Innovation on Campus: Navigating the Collegial and Governance Processes
Vicki Lynn Squires
Mid-term teaching assessment : an input to change governance?
Alain Huot
The Under-use of transfer Pathways in Ontario Post-Secondary Education
Amanda Brijmohan, Jinli Yang, Ruth Childs, Mary-Catharine Lennon, Leesa Wheelahan
Bona Fide Academic Requirements (BFARs): An Educational Leadership Approach to Accessible Higher Education
Laurie Anne Vermette, Barbara L. Roberts, Patricia Pardo, Bonnie Blankert
Qualifications in Canada: Links between Educational and Occupational Pathways Provincially and Nationally
Christine Helen Arnold, Eric Lavigne, Amanda Brijmohan, Jacqueline Beaulieu, Gavin Moodie, Ruth Childs, Elizabeth Wheelahan

Community Engagement

Assessing the mechanisms, obstacles and results of university partnerships with community and region
Hans Schuetze
Nurturing authentic professional identities through transformative higher education
Carolin Kreber
Examining the Research Base on Common Factors in School-College Partnerships
Rebecca Wakelin
Engaging for Impact: An Exploration of Global Trends Affecting Academics’ Connections to Community
Wade B Kelly, Lisa M Given
Breaking new ground in criminal justice: Community service learning, community engagement, and student success in the field school to Rankin Inlet, Nunavut.
D. Scharie Tavcer
Have Not No More: Educating for Civic Engagement at Atlantic Canadian Universities
Sarah King

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