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1 Canadian Association for Teacher Education

Collaborative professional environment for mathematics teaching Untitled
Zhaoyun Wang, Douglas McDougall
Kim J Calder Stegemann, William L Roberts
Together: Context and Community for Indigenous Student Success in Public Education PDF
Martha Moon

1.3 Technology and Teacher Education

Examining the Use of Collaborative On-Line Tools for Teaching and Learning Untitled
Julie Lynn Mueller
Principals’ Technology Leadership: A Mixed Methods Case Study PDF
Barb Brown, Michele Jacobsen
The Impact of Cognitive and Metacognitive Activities on Pre-Service Teachers' Understanding of Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPACK) PDF
Mohamed Elfatih Mustafa

2 Canadian Educational Researchers' Association

Connecting formative assessment and mathematical knowledge for teaching PDF
Allison Elizabeth Anne Chapman

3 Canadian Association of Foundations of Education

Transformation and a Culture of Trust: A roadmap to organizational change PDF
Daniel Nelles

3.3 Canadian Philosophy of Education Society

Freedom and Responsibility in the Student-Teacher relationship in Higher Education Vocal Instruction PDF
Susan Alexandra Boddie

6.1 Science Education Research Group

Applying an Ethic of Care to Environmental Education: Insight from a Study of Outdoor Educators PDF
Joanne Nazir
Liens entre rapports aux êtres vivants et à la nature dans les récits d’enseignants de biologie du collégial et du lycée PDF
Marie-Claude Bernard
Evidence of productive disciplinary engagement during science inquiry Untitled
Carol Ann Rees

8 Canadian Association for Educational Psychology

Inclusion in Teacher Education - Are There Limits? PDF
Kim J Calder Stegemann, Nan Stevens
Assessing Children's Development of American Sign Language PDF
Charlotte Johanna Enns, Lynn McQuarrie

10 Canadian Association for the Study of Women and Education

A Journey of Her Own: A critical analysis of learning experiences among immigrant women: assessing transformative learning and women’s resilience in community-based education programs PDF
Julia Fursova

11 Canadian Association for the Study of Indigenous Education

Representations of Educational Success: Gr. 12 Aboriginal Student's Perspectives PDF
Tim R Claypool, Jane P Preston
Indigenous Science Education: A Critical Conversation Untitled
Jeff Baker, Karla Jessen Williamson, Tim Molnar
Exploring financial literacy education and culture: An Indigenous perspective Untitled
Levon Ellen Blue

15 Canadian Committee of Graduate Students in Education

Symbolic capital of Ukrainian students in Canada Untitled
Maksym Antonenko
Educating Students with Severe Disabilities PDF
Laura Mooney
The Canadian Doctoral Journey: Promise and Possibility PPT
Thomas Ryan, John Scott Lowrey

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