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1 Canadian Association for Teacher Education

Considering the Potential of K-12 Teacher Education to Foster A More Generous Attitude Toward Vocational Education and Training PDF
Susan E. Crichton, Deb Carter
A Brazilian, Canadian, Pakistani and South African Perspective: How do Novice Teachers become Teacher Leaders Untitled
Elizabeth Frances Majocha, Catherine Whalen
Assessing competencies: Supporting teachers (and teacher candidates) in a time of curriculum revision Untitled
Sheryl MacMath
Teacher Candidates as Read-Aloud Tutors: Trajectories of Growth Through a Field Experience Placement Untitled
Scott Hughes, Jodi Nickel
Pratiques favorables à l’intégration des élèves présentant des difficultés comportementales : perception des futurs enseignants sur leur efficacité. PDF
Marie-France Nadeau
Learning, Breathing and Well-Being: Teacher's reflections on pedagogical possibilites through Mindfulness PDF
Kimberley Anne Holmes
David Cloutier, Norm Vaughan

1.3 Technology and Teacher Education

Exploring Problem-Based Learning in Higher Education: Case Studies About the Changing Roles of the Teacher and the Learner PDF
Roland vanOostveen, Ann-Louise Davidson, Nadia Naffi, David Price, Todd Blayone
Understanding The Nature of Out-of-School-In-School Technological Divide in Uganda PPT
Stella Maris Namae
Designing a Quality Graduate Supervision MOOC For Faculty Development PDF
Hawazen Alharbi, Michele Jacobsen
Elementary Artists as Scientists: Educational Technology as a Catalyst Untitled
David Cloutier, Norm Vaughan

1.6 Canadian Association for Action Research in Education

The Power of Music: An exploration into the use of background music in the religious education classroom to enhance classroom environment PDF
Karina Hussein

2 Canadian Educational Researchers' Association

Assessing and reporting Learning Skill and Work Habits: A cross-Canada survey PPT
Stefan Merchant, Don Klinger, Alexander Love
Impact of a high-stakes test on education: Evidence from public media PDF
Yi Mei, Liying Cheng
What are the Learning Values of Grades? Exploring Grading Policies in Canada and China PDF
Liying Cheng, Christopher DeLuca, Heather Braund, Yi Mei, Adelina Valiquette, Wei Yan, Deyu Xing

3.3 Canadian Philosophy of Education Society

A case for where in educational discourse and practice PDF
Hartley Banack

6 Canadian Association for Curriculum Studies

Understanding Teachers’ Participation in Nature-based Field Trips: A Study from an Alberta Conservation Area Untitled
Scott Hughes, Heather Ray, Sonya Jakubec, Joe Pavelka, Michael Quinn, Ashok Krishnamurthy
Formation des formateurs universitaires à l’offre active : un nouveau concept clé en soins de santé et services sociaux aux personnes vivant en situation linguistique minoritaire Untitled
Claire-Jehanne Dubouloz

6.1 Science Education Research Group

SCIENCE EDUCATION in CANADA: Toward a New Orientation to the Sustainability Sciences PDF
John James Murray
What Does It Mean to be Feminist Physics Laboratory Researcher: Autobiographical Experiences and Lessons for Girls in STEM Education What Does It Mean to be Feminist Physics Laboratory Researcher: Autobiographical Experiences and Lessons for Girls in STEM PPT
Angela Mercy Rutakomozibwa, Samson Nashon
Exploring Practice-linked Identities Construction in Culturally Diverse Urban Youth Through an Intergenerational Garden-based Learning Project PDF
Tathali Urueta-Ortiz

6.2 Language and Literacy Researchers of Canada

Virtual Narrative Inquiry into New Narrative Untitled
Kyle John Stooshnov
What’s app? Negotiating the good, bad, and ugly of apps for (English and other) language learning. PDF
Heather Dianne Lotherington

6.3 Regroupement pour l'étude de l'éducation francophone en milieu minoritaire

Une communauté d’apprentissage professionnelle pour le changement des pratiques pédagogiques en enseignement des sciences Untitled
Nicole T. Lirette-Pitre, Marianne Cormier, Nicole Ferguson

7 Canadian Association for the Study of Educational Administration

Beyond the Adjectives: Theorizing Educational Administration and Leadership PDF
Augusto Riveros, Paul Newton, Stephanie Chitpin, Robin Mueller, Bonnie Stelmach, Dawn Wallin
Exploring Current Tensions, Challenges and Dilemmas in the Principalship PDF
James William Murray

8 Canadian Association for Educational Psychology

The Success and Science behind the “Boxed Program” called PALS PDF
Chris A Mattatall
Doing Worksheets, or Playing Card Games in Math Class-That is the Question PDF
Sheri-Lynn Skwarchuk, Harriet Winterflood
Learning Experiences of Gifted/ASD Students: Using a Success Case Method PDF
I-Chen Wu, C. Owen Lo, Kuei-Fang Tsai

10 Canadian Association for the Study of Women and Education

“Girls and Boys”, Same or Different: Understanding How Hegemonic Masculinity Influences Early Childhood Educators’ Pedagogy Untitled
Xinyan Fan

11 Canadian Association for the Study of Indigenous Education

Non-Indigenous Researchers in Indigenous Education: Listening and Learning PDF
Martha Moon

15 Canadian Committee of Graduate Students in Education

Spice up your pedagogy: Instructional Strategies and tactics for the university classroom. Untitled
Trista Ann Hollweck

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