We have reserved a number of rooms for conference participants. You may make reservations by contacting these hotels directly. To guarantee these rates, you must book by the release date.

Peterborough Inn and Suites (release date 20 March 2015) 1-866-446-4451

Holiday Inn (release date 2 May 2015) $119-$149 per night 1-705-743-1144

Quality Inn (release date 15 April 2015) $79 per night 1-705-748-6254

Comfort Inn (release date 1 May 2015) $90 per night 1-705-740-7000

Best Western Otonabee Inn (release date 20 April 2015) $125 per night 1-866-460-7456


Residence Rooms on the Symons Campus, close to conference events, are available in Gzowski College. Guest accommodations offer one double bed and semi-private washroom facilities, shared with one other room. Air conditioning, internet access, linens, and towels are also included for your comfort and convenience. Maximum occupancy 2 people per room. Common area on each floor equipped with couches, cable TV, fridge, and microwave. Breakfast is included. $73 + $9.49 HST. To book a room in Gzowski College, please download this form and follow the included instructions.