The list of hotels and rooms on campus available at affordable prices is available via the SECOND link below.

Please note the first link is broken and cannot be removed from the page due to a technical problem with the site. Please use the 2nd link below, which is working.

The English version follows the French text.

To book accommodation on campus at Laval University, use the following contacts:

Tel. 418-656-5632

Please use the following reference number when making your booking: 199735.


A map of the campus area is also available via the other link.

Registration can also be made at the Alphonse-Marie-Parent building, at room 1618 during the summer period (open 24 hours per day), and at room 1604 for the remainder of the year (open from 8:30 to 00:15 in week and 10:00 to 22:00 during the weekend). It is also possible to make a reservation outside of the opening hours while following the posted instructions at the entry of the house. The rooms are usually available as from 16:00hrs. Parking is included in the price, a parking card will be given to you on your arrival.

IMPORTANT: Please be aware that from early April, the prices agreed upon with the hotels may no longer be available, according to the agreements signed by CAAS with the hotels.