Organizing Team

2015 Conference Committee

  1. Anthony Szczurek
  2. Jordan Laney, Virginia Tech, United States
  3. Jamie N Sanchez, ASPECT
  4. Claudio D'Amato, ASPECT, Virginia Tech
  5. Melissa Schwartz, Virginia Tech, Ph.D. student, United States
  6. Taulby Edmondson, ASPECT

Sources of Support

Center for Peace Studies and Violence Prevention (

College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences (

Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures (

Department of History* (

Department of Philosophy* (

Department of Political Science* (

Department of Religion & Culture* (

Department of Science and Technology Studies (

Department of Sociology (

Government and International Affairs Program (

Undergrad Research Institute of CLAHS (
Women and Gender Studies Program (
Women and Minority Artists and Scholars Lecture Funds (
(* indicates core ASPECT department)